Khoja Shia Imami Ismaili Jamatkhana – Mumbai, India

Some of these photographs contains notes, click on the pictures to read the notes at the Flickr website.

Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, SVP Road, Mumbai – India

Established in 1947, the Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls in Mumbai has distinguished itself as an institution offering quality education to children from varied backgrounds and cultures. Recognised by the Maharashtra State Education Department, the School has 1,105 students from the pre-primary to Grade 10.
The School is part of the Aga Khan Education Services (AKES).
AKES has a long tradition of leadership in educational development.

Khoja Shia Imami Ismaili Jamatkhana, J.B.Shah marg, Mumbai – India

‘His Highness the Aga Khan’

Photographs and frames of ‘His Highness the Aga Khan’ at Madhani’s Gallery opposite Khoja Shiya Imami Ismaili Jamatkhana, Mumbai – India.

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  1. Ya ali Madad…. i m Saukat charniya From Gujarat this is a good and best picture in the world can i save this image?

  2. Dear Charniya, YAM

    The ‘Save’ option is given, when you bring curser on the pic, as such, you may save the pic.

  3. Ya Ali Madad!

    I am Shakeel Ahmed from Hunza (Northern Areas of Pakistan).
    Im very happy to see the pictures of Molana Hazar Imam, a very good collection of pictures.

    ya Ali Madad

  4. Ya Ali Madad
    I am very very very happy to see the collection pictures of my beloved Mowla Bapa.

    Ya Ali Madad

  5. love my all jamat and have a mubaraki to all from aziz pyarali satyani ya ali madad .

    • Maria ya Ali Madad!

      Pay my best wishes and Ya Ali madad to all Ismailies of Iran.

      Shakeel Ahmed from Abudhabi UAE

    • YAM! It is really interesting web site, because here is good literature on Ismaili. It is also for me to meet ismailis from other countries. Thereore, I would like to intrduce with you. I also know Persian language and if it is possible, may I will write you next message on Persian?

  6. Ya Ali Madad

    First Wish you all a very many Golden Jubilee Mubarak.

    Congratulation to Humayunn N A Peerzaada’s for the beautiful picture.



  7. Ya Ali Madad to Every one,

    I got very happy to see my beloved Imam’s pictures, nice collections. I live all my ismaili sisters and brothers. I am very happy to see my ismaili brothers and sisters letters.

    wish you all the best.


    Shamsuddin Mohammadi, From Baghlan, Afghanistan,

    سلام جدا گانه به خواهر عزیزم ماریا جان .من نامه شما را خواندم وامروز آنقدر خوش هستم که نامه برادران و خواهرانم اسماعیلیه ام را از سر تاسر جهان در انجا میبینم . یک جهان تشکر
    .برادر شما شمس الدین از کشور جنگ زده افغانستان

  8. Ya Ali Madad to all spritual brothers and sisters!
    Greetings from Kabul and wish you all the best in Golden Jubilee.

    This is the best collections i have ever seen.

    best of luck,
    Ehsamuddin Dilawar

  9. Ya Ali Madad to all spritual brothers and sisters!

    Golden jublee moubarak to all ismaili worldwide. good collection photos of our beloved imam.


    Azimuddin , Baghlan, Afghanistan

  10. Ya Ali Madad to all

    Its so nice to see murids from different countries enjoying this very informative website. May we all become true brothers and sisters as Mawlana wishes us to be.

  11. Yaa Ali Madad.
    This is Ashifa Kabaria From mumbai.This is very good collections i ever. I mean soo many collection at a time of our beloved maula bapa. I wish a wish that maula gives happiness to all our ismalis jamat.
    You can pitch me at
    will be waiting for my new friends

    Ashifa Kabaria

    • Hello Aashifa!

      Ya Ali Madad.

      Hope u in good health. Im from Hunza (North Pakistan) now in UAE (Abudhabi). My wish to see Mumbai and all jamat khanas of Mumbay.
      My email ID is

      With best wishes and Ya Ali Madad

      Shakeel Ahmed

  12. Hello,
    I am Harish Trivedi originally from Mumbai studied in DJHS
    trieng to find one of my Ismaili freind who is recentlly in US, his name is Nassruddin Dhanani, only information i have is his in-law stay near
    Byculla fire brigade & their last name is Lasanwal. Hope some would
    be able to trace him and ask him to contect me at

  13. Hello All the Ismaili Brothers and sisters … this is Humayun Peerzada, It gives me immense pleasure to read such wonderful comments on the pictures which I have clicked .. I am an ex student of DJHS and have studied till 4th standard, when Mrs Talati was principal, MissBalsara, Miss Dogde, Miss Ghaswala were the teachers. Clicking these pictures i just small way of showing my love to my School and also my respect to ‘His Highness the Aga Khan’. Thnks so much for liking the pitures. Regards to all.
    Humayunn Niaz Ahmed Peerzaada

  14. YAM
    Sir I am from Kera (Bhuj) NEG India
    I became very happy to see this site and thankful to all of you
    that you all are taking too much care for our Imam. Allah bless you.
    Thanks once again with Ya Ali Mamad
    Sultan Morani

    • Yali madad sultan i am Navin from Rajkot gujarat i have read your comment with reference golden Jubilee
      i am proud of to be Ishmailee khoja
      if you receive this mail pls reply to my email id

  15. Ya Ali Madad to all spritual brothers and sisters!
    I am happy to see the collection pictures of our beloved Mowla.

  16. Ya Ali Madad to all spritual brothers and sisters!
    I am happy to see the collection pictures of our beloved Mowla. AKBAR TO PAKISTAN

  17. ya ali mdadad to all my ismaili brothers and sister i am very and very to see this much love between all the ismaili’s that they are connected in this site like i wish that they alwasys be like this.
    sarajuddin from afghanistan now staying in India.

  18. ya ali madad all my ismaili brother and sister YA ALI MADAD i am from houston texas u s a iam very very happy to see this much love between all the ismaili,s that they are connected in this site THANKS ONCE AGAIN WITH YA ALI MADAD ABDUL ALI METAWALA

  19. ya ali madad hi this is rizwan here from mumbai this is really awesome and it also adds to the knowledge and literature thanks…….

  20. ya ali madad,
    i am altaf baghadiya,
    iam from gujrat,
    this is a good and best picture in the world.

  21. salam im sayeda bilqees ya ali madad geo shiyo allah ap sab ko salamat rakay ameeen ali k mannay walo khair ho thm sab par hmesha

    • Bilqees Bahen

      Shukriya aap ki du’a- o ke- liyen……Allah aap ko bhi khus aur salamat rakhen jo dil sein bhejati hai Ali aur Aale Nabi ki Aulaad ko Manane wallo ke liye…Shaheh Marada Sher E Yazda quwwatein Parvardigaar, La fata Illah Ali la Saifa illa Zulfikar.

  22. Ya Ali Madad,
    I am trying to obtain contact information (phone # or email address) for Mumbai Ismaili Council office and/ or name and phone # for Mubai council president. Any assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated.

    • We always recommend to everyone that you contact your local council offices and seek help from them. That is the best and the most effective course of action to seek prompt and accurate help in this regard.

  23. As salam Alaikum
    I am looking for abook by Farhad Daftary
    “The Isma’ilis – Their history and doctrines”
    Please tell me from where i can have this book(in Mumbai) and what is the cost of it.

  24. ya ali madad
    i am really very happy to see the collection of pictures of our beloved maula bapa.they are just awesome.happy to see and know that we have love and only love towards maula bapa seeing these letters.
    i would want to listen the geet “YAAD TARI YA ALI MARA DIL MA BASI GAYI” .
    please let me know where will i get it.
    ya ali madad

  25. im salim khoja from kutch congo
    ya ali madad to every one best wishes to all ismaili brothers and sisters

  26. YAM! I am interesting in lifestyle of Ismailis in Congo. Could you write me something about them, please?

  27. سلام های گرم نثار همه شما تقدیم است یا علی مدد
    امید است که از گزند روز گار در امان باشید من
    از ولایت کابل هستم وحالا در دهلی هندوستان اقامت

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