The purpose of this blog is to personally gather and categorize all the past, present and future openly available news, articles, pictures, videos, and everything related to Ismaili Muslims and community for easy search and reference.

Over the years, since late 2006, Ismailimail has gathered thousands of stories and have featured countless number of Ismaili Muslims and their achievements, all for spreading inspirations and to motivate others.

Please visit and browse these exclusive categories of stories and features:

The symbol of IM uses ‘o’ or “vaav”. ‘O’ comes from the words like Muhammad or Ali in Calligraphy and shows the subject or the doer of an action and ‘vaav’ is ‘and’ which shows connection. It is to depict “I’m” I am. I am a proud Ismaili and that I am strong and confident in my faith and my community to be identified as an Ismaili Muslim.

The logo is exclusively designed by one of our readers, an architect by profession. It has been adapted in gray color to match Ismailimail’s theme design. The logo features Fatimid Imam-Caliph Nizar’s Gold Dinar depicting the major historical event. The English letter “I” and “M” portrays contemporary existence of Ismailis, having a personal impact in the world(s) – spiritual and material.

Click here to read The meaning behind the IM symbol

The Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, generally known as the Ismailis, belong to the Shia branch of Islam. The Shia form one of the two major branches of Islam, the Sunni being the other. The Ismailis live in over 25 different countries, mainly in Central and South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, as well as in Europe, North America and Australia.

His Highness the Aga Khan became Imam (spiritual leader) of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims on July 11, 1957 at the age of 20, succeeding his grandfather, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan. He is the 49th hereditary Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims and a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through his cousin and son-in-law, Ali, the first Imam, and his wife Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter.

Please note that we do not take open-ended questions, comments or contentious observations.  Ismailimail is not an official blog of the Ismaili Muslim community. Standard disclaimer applies on all referred content: Views expressed in the blog posts and commentary are solely those of the individuals providing them and do not reflect the opinions of Ismailimail blog.

This blog and the author of this blog are not associated with any of the Aga Khan Institutions. This blog does not represent, nor operate on behalf of Hazar Imam [His Highness the Aga Khan], the Ismaili Tariqah [faith], the jamat [community], any Council or any other Ismaili institution. This blog is an individual effort to reverberate the good news of activities in the Ismaili Community across the globe, and to help gather the news under one platform for easy search and reference.

Feel free to leave us comments, compliments below with your name and country location.

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  1. Introduction to His Highness the Aga Khan
  2. Aga Khan Development Network’s Ethical Framework
  3. Underpinnings of Ismailism – an Introduction
  4. History of Ismaili Community in the 20th century

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  1. Ya Ali Madad
    To every brother and sister. It is a fantastic effort on cyber space. I want to Share with You that in Hunza near great China we have snow falling once more than 5 inches and in second time 3 inches in centeral Hunza, and Hunzaies are really happy.
    Golden Jubilee Mubarak. I really appreciate ismaili mail effort.

  2. A very nice and very informative blog. Keep up the good work. May the blessings of Almighty be with you always. (Aameen)

  3. Ya Ali Madad

    Congratulation to every member of Ismaili that we have such a beautiful and wonderful website and to meet each other and discuss about our religious.


  5. Navroz Munbarak.. to all my ismaili bhother and sister. from the Portugal jamat. ani informaçao in Portugal investemente.cotacto abdul sacoor an may ymail

  6. YAM 2 all ismaili…this iz very interesting and helpful website 4 all ismailis…..i found it very interesting n superb website…..i am requesting all ismilis to use this website n feel yourself proud to be I”SMAILI”……………YAM….


  7. YAM my brothers and sisters all over the world.
    I would like to thank my best friend Ismail K because of his referrence to to this lovely website .
    May H H gives you peace love and health.
    take care
    Kamal Salamieh

  8. Ya Ali Madad
    I am fine here and do hope that you be in the best of your health and high spirits,I am Karim Ali Nabi belong to Upper Hunza and work in National Council for Pakistan in Karachi.

  9. Ya Ali Madad to all Ismailies of the world
    we are so lucky that we’ve a live present Spiritual Imam. so keep faith on God and follow the Imam-ul-waqt..
    Ya Ali Madad

  10. ya ali madad
    To all my ismaili jamat.
    we are so lucky that we’ve a Spiritual Imam.
    I m from chitral pakistan.

    • YAM &Bondia Abdul ,
      I am from Tajikistan and would like to know about our ismaili sisters and brothers in Prtugal.

      with Ya Ali Madad and warm wishes,

  11. ya ali madad

    To every brothers -sisters -grandfathers -grandmothers-unkle -untee of my Ismaili jamat.
    pray for ur success*********************************

    with best reguards
    muhammad ibrahim
    (FOCUS Humanitarian Assisstance PK .

  12. hi to all my ismaili brother n sisters ya ali madad …. im very lucky that i belong to ismaili family….. im f9 here n hope thak u also b f9 there…..

  13. ya ali madad to all my ismaili brothers and sisters

    To all my ismaili jamat.
    we are so lucky that we’ve a Spiritual Imam.

  14. Yam! can sum 1 plz help me out where can i find the dvd of a documentory “Pioneers of freedom Sir Sultan Shah Aga Khan” ??? I’d be very grateful.

  15. I dont know when our beloved Hazar Imam give Golden Jubilee Deedar to all the Ismailis of Pakistan. We are thirsty of Deedar Mubarak of MHI.

    11 July, 2009 Khushali Mubarak to all Ismailis

  16. ya ali madad to all of ismailis

    i am really happy of finding this site so i can share my happiness of
    11th july with all of my ismaili sisters and brothers wish you all a happy imamat day

    • Thank you. We are also approaching our 3rd year in operation. With 2.5 million page views; 4500 plus blog posts; 5200 plus comments, it is all due to the support and blessings of countless enthusiasts the world over. We owe the fast paced and continuous activities of this site to all those unnamed contributors who diligently submit stories for publication and guide us in keeping the quality of contents.

  17. ya ali madad to all my ismaili brothers and sisters

    Imamat day mubarak to all my spritual brothers and sisters in all over the world

  18. Wow! Another milestone of 2.5 million hits reached and exceeded and it never ceases to amaze me what a powerhouse of information, knowledge and wisdom ISMAILI MAIL has become.

  19. Ya Ali Madad to all my spiritual brothers and sisters, wherever I am I feel me home at any Jamatkhana, coz I feel to be with my family :)
    I am so thankful to be an ismaili :)

    European ismailli

  20. Congratulations to the maintainer(s) of this website!! It is an excellent resource and I visit regularly because you ar eprobably the best site online where you gather informaiton from all othe rosurces!! Keep it up – I’m sure you have a mass following!!

  21. 2.7 million page views in just three years is a testament of people’s thirst for knowledge, information and sharing.

    Thank you to all those who share interesting and inspiring stories with the wider community and to those who take interest in reading and engaging through this website.

  22. YAM.

    to all of my ismaili jamat where ever u r . i congrat u on the relegious festival EID -UL-AZH’A.may allah give u longivity,sustanance and make us our task easy.(ameen)

    celebrate the day with joyfully
    Mr Kenya22008

    • WOW. Thanks.

      The credit goes to all those who find and share the stories with the blog for everyone’s benefit, and those who read the same with interest. The credit also goes to all those who participate via their comments. This site is a collective effort of all of us involved at various levels.

  23. bom ano novo 2010..no mundo de prosperidade material e espiritual com conduta do nosso IMAM. abdul sacoor …Portugal Lisboa

  24. Congratulations. You and your team are doing a wonderful job and have won respect of all. Keep up the good work. Love and regards

  25. I am proud of the project under his highness Aga Khan throughout Africa.
    I have workede for part of the projects and managed relationship for the group in East Africa through Barclays Bank.
    Its is an organisation founded on strong ethical grouds and solid objectives.
    I appreciate to his highness all his efforts and wish him well.



  26. I know aku will elevate east Africa and the continent as a whole.Aga khan university where research is the cradle of excellent governance of health.

  27. Ya Ali Madad to all Ismailies of the world I feel me home at any Jamatkhana, coz I feel to be with my family
    I am so thankful to be an ismaili

    Shafiq hussain nejat

    from Afghanaistan Kabul….love u all bro and sis…

  28. 358. I am from Tajikistan Dushanbe and my name is Fakhridin
    I would like to to get in touch with any Ismaili around the world

    • Ya ali Madad brother! i m from north pakistan and have the same will to be in contact with all ismailis of every race.I like the tajik songs and the shows of Navroz festival…i hv dowloaded some from the youtube.if u know some wbsites then u can give to me…..

  29. I am not Ismaili but I respect your people because they behave good and they were very hospitable when I was working with them.

  30. YAM
    this is Moiz Karim Tajik i’m form Gojal Hunza Pakistan,
    this is the first time i’m visiting the site it’s really very meritorious job keep it up and ISA all the Ismailies of the world will get connected …

  31. —–Good job I am from Gojal upper part of Hunza-Geneological touches GOORON of Tajikistan. Heart touching themes but the collection is not up to the mark. With the passage of time it will improve and recollect all the Ismaili Heros (be better the past, present and do hope for the future) to inspire the YOUTH of our Time.

    —-My very special wishes are with u for this great idea.

    • Congratulations to Ismaili Mail for reaching close to 3.5 MILLION hits.

      As always, Ismaili Mail, is doing excellent work.

      Keep up the v good work.

  32. I have read a couple of your posts over the years so am really enjoying being at the Aga Khan University in Karachi, having traveled here from New Zealand. Your news will mean a lot more to me now having met staff here such as Ass Prof Rafat Jan

  33. Ya Ali Madad to all Ismailies of the world
    we are so lucky that we’ve a live present Spiritual Imam. so keep faith on God and follow the Imam-ul-waqt..
    Ya Ali Madad


  34. Dear Supporters, Contributors and Visitors of Ismailimail. Here are some numbers on the day we reached 4 million page views.

    Blog Posts: 7,915
    Comments: 7,798
    Email/Subscribers: 1700 (approx).


  36. I really enjoy reading your emails which have been forwarded to me by some of my friends.

    The material presented is brilliant and very informational.

    May I humbly request if you would add my email to your list of subscribers so that I may recieve your emails directly from Ismailimail.

    Thank You and Congrats to you on your wonderful publications.


    Hanif Lalani

  37. Ismailimail has about 2300 email subscribers and countless other daily visitors to the website. Your collaboration, interaction and enthusiasm for information and knowledge has made all the difference in the year 2011 which is our 6th year in operation. Hope to continue this relationship strong in 2012 and beyond.


  38. yes I am proud being an Ismaili of Karachi. this web site is so nice which provide International news about our Community. It will be better to add a chepter about Ismaili Litreture and since much of our litreture is in Gujarati a chepter in Gujrati will be very useful for us in India,Pakistan and Bungladesh,Shri Lanka etc. Kindly consider. with best regards Amirali Khimani from Karachi Pakistan

  39. Beautiful Face of Allah Shows Himself through generations.For every generation His Face guided a group of people and nations along Sirat-al-Mustaqeem.Once in His Zahiri Swarup He was with Chinese,once with Jews,once with Christians,once with Hindus,once with Arabs.
    Today He is with us,Alhamdullillah! He is guiding us and protecting us.He is hafiz.His beautiful smile makes happy all the creation.When He walks it seems the whole creation is walking and moving with Him and around Him.When He talks it seems the whole nature is talking.When He showers His blessings upon us it’s the same rain of Rahma which fell down after the Prophet(s) declares Hazrat Ali(a) as His Successor to Imamate in Ghadir Khumm.When He says Khanavadan only a very small number of people can understand what’s behind this phrase,because in reality according to Quran when Allah placed Adam and Eve on earth He said:” For now and forever it will be your home.You are the Sultan of your home and if you will remember me until i take of you what belongs to Me,Verily! I will make you Khanavadan!


    Best website and i will try to share it with my other ismaili friends

  41. Ya Ali Madat, my name is ali ebrahim, born in Kenya currently in England. I am on home dialysis for chronic kidney failure. I have been told my kidneys will cease to function all together in a years time. I have a dream to visit India, Mumbai the country of my ancestors. my only problem is that I need some storage space of about 25 boxes of my medical supplies each weighing 10 kilos. anyone in Mumbai can help me out. im willing to pay for the service

  42. Mumbarakis to Ismailimail for 7.5 MILLION hits.

    Thank you so very much for the superb work you ALWAYS do,Ismailimail.

    We all are indebted to you for the continuing effort.

  43. I am proud to be a Ismaili Thank you Moula and Mushkil asan..amen I am working as GGL i am proud to be a Ismaili

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