"Allahu Akbar" by Salim-Sulaiman

[New] “Allahu Akbar” by Salim-Sulaiman

On the glorious occasion of Eid we present to you our humble offering – “Allahu Akbar” Composed & Produced by – Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant Video Directed by – Prashant Chadha Edited by – Kiran Magham Additional Music Production – Raj Pandit Recorded by Aftab Khan & Raj Pandit at Blue Productions. Mixed by –…

“Nur” by Conchord

[New] “Nur” by Conchord

Composition & Production: Sarosh Mawani Vocalists: Aly Panjwani, Mehak Noorani, Sarosh Mawani Lyrics: Fez Meghani, Aly Panjwani Mixing and Mastering: Sarosh Mawani Videography: Matt Mozingo, Sarosh Mawani, Troy Bonneau Video Editing: Sarosh Mawani

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy: Each year, Pakistanis make donations in billions of rupees

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy: Each year, Pakistanis make donations in billions of rupees

Quantum jump in donations to charities KARACHI: The total amount of donations Pakistanis make each year is estimated to run in billions of rupees. While gauging the exact figure is difficult given the undocumented nature of the country’s economic activities, educated guesses are available that are supported by experts. Islamabad-based NGO Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy…

0 - AD - Beyond the Heights - poster

Adventure Diplomacy: Beyond the Heights – Mirza Ali shares Samina Baig’s triumphs on Everest in an upcoming documentary movie

An extraordinary true story of human will: determination; courage; strength; trust; passion; spirit; and patriotism; against ones own fears and nature’s forces: snow storms; avalanches; hazardous ice walls; crevice falls; scarcity of oxygen; altitude sickness and extreme cold. An epic tale of the journey to ascend to the top of the world; of hope’s triumph…

His Highness Aga Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III and Mata Salamat, Princess Yvonne Aga Khan - enjoying photoshoots

Retrospective: Youssef El-Deeb ’92 Interview with Mata Salamat: Begum Aga Khan – Faithful to the Man and the Place

Here's an interview that I was privileged to do with Begum Agha Khan, many years ago. It was another age….. buff.ly/WyklyV— Youssef El Deeb (@my_khamira) July 22, 2014   Some people say that your story is the greatest love story? Well you know, I love Aswan but it’s because of my husband and the mausoleum…

Aga Khan Cultural Services, Pakistan & Walled City Lahore Authority: Rescuing Lahore's Masjid Wazir Khan

Aga Khan Cultural Services, Pakistan and Walled City Lahore Authority: Rescuing Lahore’s Masjid Wazir Khan

The Mughal Era Masjid Wazir Khan needs immediate measures for its renovation, preservation and conservation otherwise it may face a horrible fate. The mosque is facing serious threats due to indifferent management, improper and inadequate conservation and upkeep. Masjid Wazir Khan (Wazir Khan Mosque) was built in 1634-35 AD (1044-45 AH), by Hakim Aliuddin, subedar…

Sunrise alpenglow on Mount McKinley, Alaska.

Ismaili Mountaineers and the Goal to Conquer Seven Summits

Following Simerg’s recent exclusive interview with Ismaili mountaineers Samina Baig and her brother Mirza Ali Baig here is an update about their goal of conquering the “Seven Summits.” Please click “Seven Summits” Goal Within Reach for Ismaili Mountaineers Samina Baig and Mirza Ali and be sure to read their fascinating interview should you have overlooked…

Aga Khan Foundation Canada: Adaptation and Innovation: Canada’s contributions to Humanitarian Response

Aga Khan Foundation to host a conference on Canada’s contributions to Humanitarian Response

The 2014 Canadian Humanitarian Conference will set the stage for a national conversation showcasing Canadian expertise in humanitarian response and related fields. A wide range of sectors will convene, representing the depth of Canadian contributions to humanitarian response, including in disaster risk management, logistics, health, governance and more. This year, the conference will be hosted…

AKDN Resident Representative for Tajikistan Munir Merali addresses the Navroz gathering at the Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe. Photo: TheIsmaili.org/ AKDN Tajikistan

Newly appointed AKDN Resident Representative Munir Merali presents credentials to Bangladesh Foreign Minister

New AKDN representative presents credentials to FM Diplomatic Correspondent The newly appointed The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Resident Representative to Bangladesh Munir M Merali presented his credentials to Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali at the ministry yesterday. Prior to this appointment, Merali served as AKDN resident representative to Tajikistan and as the CEO…

Mahmood Nanji appointed to the Board of Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation

Mahmood Nanji appointed to the Board of Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation

Mahmood Nanji Associate Deputy Minister – Tax and Benefits Administration Ministry of Finance [Appointed July 2014] Mahmood Nanji is currently the Associate Deputy Minister, Tax and Benefits Administration in the Ministry of Finance. Prior to re-joining Finance in 2012, Mahmood was the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Economic Development Division in the Ministry of Economic…