Navroz Na Deen

Navroz Na Deen

Amin Mawani specializes in ghazals, geets, garbas & ginans. He was entranced by the melodious sound on North Indian classical music in his childhood years and trained under the tutelage of Kalapana Bharat in the Kirana gharana music tradition and acquired ghazal training under Vithal Rao of Hyderabad, India. Amin resides in Toronto, Canada.

Umang Poetry: Danatum Passu

Film: Danatum Passu

Umang Poetry is a digital humanities platform for poetic knowledge. It features moving poems in multiple languages of Pakistan and South Asia, and multiple formats including text, audio, video, and art. As part of our launch issue, we have released a poem-entary (documentary surrounding a poem) which offers a beautiful poetic tribute to the Wakhi-Ismaili…

Umang Profile: Music Producer, Zoheb Veljee

Umang Profile: Music Producer, Zoheb Veljee

Zoheb Veljee is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, policy consultant, and a youth development specialist. While pursuing his Masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University, Zoheb conceived \”Global Troubadours\” for a class assignment – a social enterprise that would identify, record, and promote musicians who represent a rich cultural heritage but live in remotely located under-served…

Imran Amed receives Desautels Management Achievement Awards - McGill University

Imran Amed receives Desautels Management Achievement Awards – McGill University

Imran Amed is a Canadian-British fashion expert and founder and editor-in-chief of The Business of Fashion About the Desautels Management Achievement Awards The Management Achievement Awards were established in 1979 to hon Canadian business leaders who have made a significant and valuable contribution to the Canadian economy and way of life, through their success in…

New Original Composition by Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani & Mehak Noorani

Allahumma Salli `Ala Muhammadin Wa Aale Muhammad – New Original Composition by Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani & Mehak Noorani

Composed by: Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani Produced by: Sarosh Mawani Vocalists: Mehak Noorani, Aly Panjwani Lyrics: Aly Panjwani, Sarosh Nandwani, Mehak Noorani Mixing and Mastering: Sarosh Mawani Earlier: “Hajj” (Original) – By Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani & Mehak Noorani “Sawm” (Original) By: Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani & Mehak Noorani “Shahada” (Original) By: Sarosh Mawani & Aly Panjwani…

The Prophet Unveiled: What the Qur’an says about Muhammad - "Salwat" (Original) By Conchord

The Prophet Unveiled: What the Qur’an says about Muhammad – “Salwat” (Original)

Today’s Shī‘ī Ismā‘īlī Muslims are often unfairly criticized for the respect, reverence, and love they show towards their present Imām – Mawlānā Shāh Karīm al-Ḥusaynī Āgā Khān – based on the dubious and superficial notion that nothing should be accorded any reverence except God. However, if the Imām is the spiritual, religious and blood successor…

Roshni Image

“Roshni Ki Kirne” Song by Zahira Dhalwani

RAYS OF LIGHT: Glimpses into the Ismaili Imamat, a Golden Jubilee International travelling exhibit has touched many hearts across many countries, including that of Zahira Dhalwani’s. Inspired by visiting the exhibit in Ottawa, Ontario at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, Zahira has composed a short song in Hindi, titled “Roshni Ki Kirne”. In particular, this is her personal…

Robben Island by Muslim and Ayesha Harji

Robben Island by Muslim and Ayesha Harji

Muslim Harji shares his photos of “Robben Island”, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his life, for the first time since he captured them some seven years ago. More at Simerg Photos. Earlier related: Muslim Harji to present Mystic India at Dorval Library, Québec Golden Temple Through My Lens Muslim Harji: Black & White World…