Ode to the Indian Dukawala

Ode to the Indian Dukawala

This work is a small tribute to the unsung intrepid pioneering Indian traders and very often their families, who braved the unknown hazards of the “Dark Continent”, carried on regardless of disease, lack of comforts, privations, ill-health, and even death, which they knew was their constant and real possibility. “While the tribute is aimed at…

Light Upon Light: Evershining Light of Imamat

Light Upon Light: Evershining Light of Imamat

Ikhwan Allani of Toronto, Canada, is fascinated by the beauty of poetry, especially in the expression of mystical knowledge and devotion. In his new piece for Simerg he illustrates a technique to embed an esoteric aspect of the Ismaili tariqah through a universal medium such as poetry. Click here to read: http://simerg.com/modern-artistic-expressions-2/poetic-expressions-the-poets-and-their-poetry/light-upon-light/

Poem, Simran Haji: Chains

Chains… Time leaves you behind, When all fails, you wish you could rewind, The moments when you are depressed, And your feelings are suppressed, Although many tears won’t hesitate to flow, Nothing now can heal your sorrow, This pain that is unbearable, Leaving a wound, to make it memorable, The love which you need, and…

A Nikah in the Noorani Family: Prince Rahim Aga Khan Weds Ms. Kendra Spears – Poem by Navyn Naran

Ismailis around the world rejoice with their beloved Imam and his family as well as the family of the bride, and wish  Prince Rahim Aga Khan and his beloved bride, Princess Salwa peace and happiness in their life together. By Navyn Naran And the symphony of great angels gathered between stars of pure light as if brass, woodwind…

Love is the Imam

For us, love is the imam; the heart is the Congregation. Our qible is the face of the Beloved; our prayer is continuous. More Abdur Rahman’s Corner.