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Click on individual names to browse their blog posts. List of famous people and popular names in the news we have featured more than once.

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This index is a work-in-progress. More items will be added soon.


Ismailimail at Aga Khan Museum & Ismaili Centre Opening
Aga Khan Museum & Ismaili Centre Launch
Ismaili Centre Series
Aga Khan Museum Series
Aga Khan Park Series
Aga Khan Museum Projects Series
Aga Khan Trust for Culture Publications

Upcoming Events


Azim Nanji [Academics]
Ali Asani [Academics]
Aly Sunderji [Artists]
Amin Mawji [Council]
Amyn Sajoo [Academics]
Almoonir Dewji [Volunteer, Blogging, Activism]
Abdul Mamdani [Hobbyist]
Afzal Habib [Humanitarian]
Afzal Huda [Artists]
Arif Babul [Science]
Alex Awiti [Professor, AKU]
Alim Nagji [Healthcare]
Alnoor Merchant [Authors Artists]
Alnoor Rajan Talwar [Blogging, Authors]
Alykhan Velshi [Politics]
Alyna Nanji {Volunteering Activism]
Amyn Keshavjee [Volunteering]
Anil Giga [Authors]
Ashnoor Nagji [Healthcare]
Azim Jamal [Authors]
Azim Premji [Business]
Azim Khamisa [Authors, Activism]
Al-Sijistani [Muslim Heritage]
Al Mu’ayyad fi’l din Al Shirazi [Muslim Heritage]
Aleem Karmali [Artists]
Almas Jiwani [Volunteering, Activism]
Arif Lalani [Politics]
Azmina Govindji
Ayesha Mohamed [Poets]
Bilaal Rajan [Volunteering, Activism]
Diana Steigerwalk [Philosopher, Authors]
Eboo Patel [Author, Volunteering, Activism]
Easy Nash [Blogging]
Enoo [Artists]
Farah Mohamed {Activism]
Farhan Jumani [Authors]
Farhan Noorani [Authors]
Fez Meghani [Aritsts]
Gulgee [Artists]
Hafiz Karmali [Artists]
Hakam Bhaloo [Arts, Volunteering]
Hussein Rashid [Authors, Blogging, Volunteer, Activism]
Hussein Janmohamed [Artists]
Seyyed Hossein Nasr [Scholars]
Imtiaz Fazalbhoy [Artists]
Jalaledin Ebrahim [Blogging]
Jalal Gilani [Artists]
Jehangir Merchant [Authors]
Khalil Andani [Authors]
Khayal Aly [Authors, Poets]
Khalil Shariff [Volunteering, Activism]
Karim Gillani [Artists]
Karima Velji [Doctors]
Karim Imamdad Hunzai [Authors]
Karim H.Karim [Academics]
Karen Armstrong [Authors]
Liaquat Ahamed [Authors]
M. Ali Lakhani [Academics Authors]
Malise Ruthven [Authors]
Mahmoud Eboo [Leadership]
Michael Meyer [AKU]
Meena Nanji [Artists]
M.G.Vassanji [Authors]
Malik Merchant [Blogging]
Mansoor Ladha [Journalists]
Mirza Jahani [Leadership]
Minister Jason Kenney [Politics]
Miriam Ali-de-Unzaga [Academics]
Mohammed Arkoun [Authors, Scholars]
Mobina Jaffer [Politics]
Mohib Ebrahim [Authors]
Muslim Harji [Artists]
Nadim Pabani [Authors Scholars]
Nadir Mohamed [Entrepreneur]
Naeem Mawji [Leadership]
Naveed Lalani [Leadership]
Navyn Naran [Artists]
Nazim Ahmad [Leadership]
Naz Rayani [Volunteering, Activism]
Nasir Khusraw [Muslim Heritage]
Nadim Nasser [Humanitarian]
Nabeela Bhaloo [Poets]
Noor Gillani [Science]
Nimira Dewji [Authors] Jaffer [Blogging]
Naheed Nenshi [Author, Activism]
Noreen Remtulla [Artists]
Oleg Grabar [Academics]
Omar Alí-de-Unzaga [Academics]
Yasmin Aga Khan [Philanthropist]
Raheel Lakhani [Blogging]
Raheem Dilgir [Artists]
Rahim Kanani [Authors]
Rahman Jamal [Technology]
Rahim Snow [Authors]
Reza Shah Kazemi [Academics]
Riaz Meghji [Media]
Richard N. Frye [Aga Khan Professor of Iranian Studies at Harvard]
Riza Elahi [Student Artist]
Roshan Thomas [Humanitarian]
Rumi Verjee [Humanitarian Entrepreneur]
Sabrina Premji [Authors Humanitarian]
Sehreen Noor Ali [Entrepreneur Authors]
Shafik Dharamsi [Education Health]
Shafique Virani [Academics]
Shainool Jiwa [Academics]
Shamsh Kassim-Lakha [Educationist, Activism]
Sharmyn Ali [Artists]
Shamir Allibhai [Artists]
Shaqiera Ladhu [Poets]
Shaila Abdullah [Authors]
Sheliza Kassam [Youth Volunteer]
Salimah Y. Ebrahim [Artists]
Sheniz Janmohamed [Artists]
Shiraz Pradhan [Authors]
Shyrose Rashid [Poets]
Tabish Bhimani [Authors, Blogging, Artist]
Vali Jamal [Authors]
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown [Authors]
Zahira Dhalwani [Artists]
Zayn Kassam [Academics]
Zain Verjee [Journalists]


AKFC Fellows
Imam’s Birthday
Brandeis University
Breast Cancer
Burma Jamatkhana
Diamond Jubilee Medal
Did You Know
Early Childhood
Eid-e Ghadir
Fatimid Sicily
Ismaili Festivals
Grand Challenges Canada
Ismaili Gnosis
Ismaili Study Conference Chicago
Karimabad, Hunza
King’s Cross AKU
Khaplu Palace
Lisbon Jamatkhana
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nairobi Jamatkhana
Simon Fraser University
Shigar Fort
University of Calgary
University of Victoria




Los Angeles
San Antonio

More to come

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