Reading for the Holy Night of Lailat al-Qadr | Reading for the Holy Night of Lailat al-Qadr

Laylat al-Qadr is the auspicious night when the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) first received the revelation of the Holy Qur’an, thereby conferring upon him the mantle of prophethood at the age of forty. The Shia Ismaili Muslims observe Laylat al-Qadr on the 23rd night of Ramadan, in keeping with traditions received through Hazrat Ali (a.s.) and his wife Hazrat…

Studying Ismaili History Through Objects: New series for's 5th anniversary

Studying Ismaili History Through Objects: New series for’s 5th anniversary

For its fifth anniversary, announces a NEW series about objects that are linked to Ismaili history. Simerg is delighted to announce Studying Ismaili History Through Objects to mark its fifth year on the world wide web! Since 2009, Simerg has launched a special new series to mark each anniversary. Over the past years, the themes that have been…

The Influence of Esoteric Tradition of Islam

The Influence of Esoteric Tradition of Islam on Western Civilization

“….throughout history we find people convinced the great religions are a necessary ‘outer shell’ veiling a Primordial Wisdom that alone can reveal humanity’s real origin, purpose and destiny….Some of Europe’s leading seekers after ancient secret wisdom were convinced that in the Muslim lands of the Orient could be found a Primordial Tradition transmitted from generation…

Letter of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) to His Son

Letter of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) to His Son

Introduced by Azeem Maherali In celebration of Father’s Day, I wanted to salute all fathers, grand fathers and father like figures in their continuing efforts to keeping their families strong, safe and happy. In addition to being great role models, they have in their many ways inspired us to be better individuals, make a difference…

What is Neoplatonism?

What is Neoplatonism?

Neoplatonic Thought, Return to the One and Ismaili Thinker Avicenna The philosophical school of Neoplatonism provided ways that the individual could ascend the ladder of being through theoria – contemplation of the Divine. The ultimate goal of life is to achieve mystical union with the Divine (the One)…Many people think that Neoplatonism flourished only in…

Ode to the Indian Dukawala

Ode to the Indian Dukawala

This work is a small tribute to the unsung intrepid pioneering Indian traders and very often their families, who braved the unknown hazards of the “Dark Continent”, carried on regardless of disease, lack of comforts, privations, ill-health, and even death, which they knew was their constant and real possibility. “While the tribute is aimed at…

Light Upon Light: Evershining Light of Imamat

Light Upon Light: Evershining Light of Imamat

Ikhwan Allani of Toronto, Canada, is fascinated by the beauty of poetry, especially in the expression of mystical knowledge and devotion. In his new piece for Simerg he illustrates a technique to embed an esoteric aspect of the Ismaili tariqah through a universal medium such as poetry. Click here to read:

Roshan Thomas – Acting in the Path of God By Jalal Jaffer « SIMERG – Insights from Around the World

Roshan Thomas – Acting in the Path of God By Jalal Jaffer

Acting in the path of God Eliminates limitations, restrictions, conceptions In pursuit of noble actions To sustain, promote, achieve Enhancement, progress, understanding Amongst God’s most beautiful creation The human being. With clarity of mind Determination against any odds It was but natural That Roshan picked a far-away geography Hoping and pursuing and working towards A…


For Canada’s Volunteer Week, Aga Khan Council President Malik Talib Tells Ismaili Volunteers, “You Are a Beacon of Islamic Ethics”

We wish you a lifetime of “enlightened self-fulfillment” The President of His Highness the Aga Khan Ismaili Council for Canada, Malik Talib, issued the following message through the community’s weekly newsletter “Al-Akhbar” as the country marks the National Volunteer Week from April 6-12: