Can the story of the Aga Khan point to a solution to the East-West divide?

From Central Asia Harvard List

As the divides between the Muslim and non-Muslim world seem to be getting more pronounced, it is time to hear the story of a Muslim leader who has been persevering for fifty years to bridge the major world divides through a philosophy he says is rooted in the conscience of Islam. But who is the Aga Khan and who are the Ismaili Muslims? And what do they have to say about this post 9/11 World? Can the story of the Aga Khan point to a solution to the East-West divide?

This is the first documentary on the Aga Khan in 45 years and with a rare and exclusive interview with him, the film will have its world premiere on December 3 at the JFK Jr Forum, Kennedy School of Government.

The film trailer can be seen:

The film will be followed by a Panel Discussion on the themes of religious tolerance, pluralism, and positive social change with:

  • Bill Cran: Emmy Award-Winning Director
  • Firas Ahmad: Deputy Editor of Islamica Magazine (KSG ’05)
  • Ali Asani: Professor of the Practice of Indo-Muslim Languages and
    Culture (Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
  • Shamir Allibhai: Filmmaker and Producer (HDS ’09)
  • Moderated by Jocelyne Cesari, Director of the Islam in the West
    Program (Center for Middle Eastern Studies)

This event is co-sponsored by the Divinity School, Initiative on Religion and International Affairs, the Islam in the West Program, and the Kennedy School Muslim Caucus. For more information about the film, please go to

From Central Asia Harvard List

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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

3 thoughts

  1. I cannot belive it a documentary on Hazar Imam it is like to be done on some day it has happened now i fill very much happy about it so i wish it should watched by all and fill proud to be an ismaili.


  2. i just saw the trailor of the movie and i can’t believe i am really watching it. Can you please tell me when can we see this movie at home?


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