Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer Delivers Khushiali Statement

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Author: ismailimail

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2 thoughts

  1. This must be the trilogy to end all trilogies! First we have the mind-bogglingly popular and unprecedented video greeting to His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan and the worldwide Shia Ismaili Muslim Jamat by the Hon.Jason Kenney on behalf of the Rt. Hon Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada. Then we have the official written statement put out on the Canadian Heritage website. Finally, to cap it all off, we have an address to the Canadian Parliament by MP Rahim Jaffer, Chairman of the Conservative Caucus. This is a blessed confluence of events that comes together at the perfect moment-just a few hours before the birthday itself-December 13th 2007.


  2. ya ali madad,

    I wish all spiritual brother and sisters across the globe, khushali (71st birthday) mubarak of imam-e-zaman, maulana hazar imam bless all his/her spiritual children.

    Enjoy this day with your loved ones, and be united for the vision of our beloved imam -e-zaman.



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