Tabish Bhimani – aspires to communicate the diversity that exists in the Muslim world

Tabish Bhimani’s fascination with the camera began at the age of six years.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Tabish developed a keen interest in photography during his childhood. When his grandparents travelled abroad for vacations, Tabish asked them to bring a camera for him. Although they always brought back a disposable camera, Tabish derived endless pleasure from its use. Tabish also developed a keen interest in writing.

At the age of twelve years, much to his delight, Tabish got an opportunity to use a video camera. After filming a play staged by the Ismailis of the Clifton area in Karachi, Tabish was invited by the Director of the play to work on subsequent productions. Tabish learned the art of sound and lighting, and honed his writing skills. His friend, who is a graphics artist, instructed Tabish in the art of digital art and photography. Tabish worked on several local productions such as music videos and the filming of community events.

After completing his education at Bay View High School in Karachi, Tabish enrolled in the Faculty of Arts at York University in Toronto, Canada. His father wished for Tabish to enter a ‘traditional’ field such as medicine, engineering, and accounting. However, Tabish followed his heart to specialize in the area of communication. While studying at York University, he joined the group ‘Art in All of Us,’ a non-profit organisation that promotes multicultural understandings and exchanges through art and poetry.

Tabish aspires to communicate the diversity in cultures, traditions, and architecture that exists in the Muslim world. His ambition is to join the communications department of the Aga Khan Development Network.

Tabish’s outstanding photo gallery can be viewed at

To learn more about Tabish, visit his blog at

His latest interview with The Pakistani Spectator Blog

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

15 thoughts

  1. Tabish is bright, stimulating, lively. Has great insight on politics, culture, and technology. An individual I think with tremendous potential to make a difference. Keep it up, and all the best. Don’t get stressed out, can’t have you fall sick again….


  2. Document what your heart, mind and intellect desires….Just like yourself, I am a photo-journalist, and find my subjects spur of the moment. Explore different avenues of your existence, and shoot as though it is your last ‘shoot’ ! Much success I wish for you.


  3. Heh, destogate, you overlooked your own interview…but who, today, doesn’t get stressed out or fall sick. You are ambitious, wanting to work for the comms dept at AKDN. I don’t expect stress levels there to be very high……if the guys there today can handle it, things can only get better. Just don’t get too uptight about anything


  4. Hi Tabish,My name is Laila ladhani,Iam from Karachi Pakistan,Really iam too impressed about your work.really I like yours work.Keep it up and i proud that you also a ismaili community


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