Smoking trends in Pakistan – AKU Report

January 30, 2008

40 per cent men and 8 per cent women in Pakistan are regular smokers

“As many as forty per cent men and eight per cent women in Pakistan smoke regularly,” Professor Javaid Khan, Consultant Pulmonologist and Head Section of Pulmonary Medicine, Aga Khan University (AKU) shared the findings of a survey at a Continued Medical Education seminar at the University in Karachi. While tobacco use is declining in most other countries of the world, sadly it is on the rise in Pakistan. “If we don’t take any action, the current global death toll of five million per year from tobacco use will increase to 10 million per year by 2025. In Pakistan, estimated 100,000 people die every year from Tobacco related diseases,” he warned.

Educating the public on tobacco and its hazards is the first step for tobacco control in any country but unfortunately marketing and advertising budget of tobacco companies in Pakistan is far greater than the total budget on health promotion by the Government of Pakistan.

Dr Muhammad Irfan, Consultant Pulmonologist, AKU said that tobacco advertising has been shown to have strong influence on children and teenagers. Most countries have completely banned tobacco advertising in order to discourage the youth from taking up smoking. He said that tobacco dependence is generally under treated. People trying to quit should use medications in conjunction with as much counseling as possible.

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Author: ismailimail

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12 thoughts

  1. you are the fruits of your parents and smoking is a poision for your family and country, to become a healthy citizen of the country plz do not adopt smoking, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


    1. its better to be safe rather to have regret…smoking is injurious we all know that but there is need to have insight which is very very important..and only we all can make the difference…


  2. smoking is not good for the health but due to the smoke government take so many profit and collect lot of revenue that’s why government of china tell his nation that to smoke more and more then government collect more and taxes. please don’t smoke!


  3. Smoking is a very bad.only two hundred years ago the health condition were very out of eight babies died before reaching their first birthday. Lot of problems are created because of smoking. please dont try this.


    1. smoking is very bad for our self smoking never give you any sort of freshness but always give you unconious form.


  4. smoker is define as a fool having a fire stick in his mouth with a smoke at one end and a fire at the other. so dont put yourself in this catagory plz


  5. If you are smoking that means you are doing Suiciding slowly and Gradually,
    so the result is,,,,,,,,,,,, Life+Smoking=Killing


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