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In the search field you can enter “Ismaeli” and/or “ismaili”.  You will find a number of modern (creativesyria) or historic
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God, the light of heavens and earth written in Arabic calligraphy surrounding a seven-sided star used by Ismaeli Moslems.


Salamiyah’s Ismaeli Islamic council; The House of Ikhwan as Safa. The ‘Faithful Brothers of Basra’ were the Ikhwan as Safa, the ‘Sincere Brethren’, a group of Ismaili (a Shiite subgroup) Muslims whose great tenth century AD work was their Rasa’il (Letters), an encyclopedic undertaking that attempted to make available the knowledge of the time, including esoteric or metaphysical knowledge. They considered themselves heirs to the most ancient wisdom of Pythagoras and Hermes, which the Sufis also say is identical with their tradition.

Ancient Ismaeli Minaret in Salamiyah,the old Selamis of the Romans,east of Hama [Epiphany].The birth place of the Ismailia, and burial place of some of the hidden Imams, who’s descendents were to creat the Fatimid Dynasty of Egypt,Afriqia [Tnisia],Sicily, Yemen, Persia, and Syria,with followers in India and Central Asia.


Agence Trampus photo 1937 of Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah al-Husseini, better known as Aga Khan III, and addressed by his subjects by ” Mwlana Hadir or Hazir Imam”.

Ismaeli architecture in Salamiyah. Seven pointed stars and designs are used instead of the customary five, six or eight sided stars elsewhere.


The Ismaeli Castle of Misyaf. Few thousand people live within its well protected walls today.


Photo by Knar Studio, Lattakia, 1930’s, of the fortress of Massiaf. or Masyaf, a strong hold of the Nizari Ismailis , west of Hama.


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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

3 thoughts

  1. This is very informative. I wonder what the 7-pointed star signifies. Could it be a symbol from early Ismaili doctrines referring to the six cycles of Prophethood followed by the one line of manifest Imamat?


  2. At time when Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah (The Aga Khan III) was born in Karachi, the city Karachi was a part of the India, but since 14th Aug.1947, when India was divided into two parts i.e. India and Pakistan, the Karachi comes under Pakistan territory and not in India. Regards.


  3. On a visit to a museum in Kashgar, Western China, in May 2007 we were shown an exhibit of a typical home of a Shia Muslim. It had 5 pillars located in a central position within the home. The museum’s curator said that these were a standard feature in these homes and they symbolically represented the Panj Tan Pak or five holy persons central to Shia Islam: Prophet Mohammed, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Bibi Fatima, Hazrat Hassan and Imam Hussein.


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