A Mystical Journey – Artist Profiles

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A Mystical Journey brings together nine world-class performances. Over 60 artists and musicians will take the audience on a musical journey of the mind, body and soul, enlightening as well as entertaining through various music pieces: qawwalis, kalams and rock songs and dance performances of whirling Sufis.

Salman Ahmad

amj_salman Salman Ahmad, from Pakistan, is a doctor by training and a rock musician by profession. Salman founded South Asia’s biggest rock band, Junoon selling over 25 million albums worldwide. He has performed at the United Nations General Assembly and has also been appointed a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador on HIV/AIDS.

Rizwan and Muazzam Khan

amj_khan Rizwan and Muazzam Khan, from Pakistan, are nephews of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the world’s most celebrated singer of qawwali. Rizwan and Muazzam lead a group of singers, harmonium (small bellow-blown reed organ) and tabla (hand-held drum) players in performances in the qawwali tradition. Their inventive interpretations of spiritual love songs based upon classical Muslim and Sufi texts have been showcased on CDs and in performances around the world.


amj_Tahleeleh Tahleeleh, from Syria, is rated among the best groups devoted to classical Arab music. Their performances are steeped in the musical traditions of the near and Middle East. Sheikh Hamzeh Chakour is the choir master at the Great Mosque in Damascus and, as one of the foremost performers of Arab vocal music, carries on a rich tradition of Sufi devotion.

L’Ensemble Samaa

amj_Samaa L’Ensemble Samaa, come from Badakhshan, Tajikistan, and their performances are rooted in the ancient, highly original and deeply spiritual musical practices and forms of the region. Samaa is currently under the artistic direction of Chanorov, a young acclaimed singer who has toured with his musicians across South Asia, Europe and North America.

Choir Hazreti Hamza

amj_hazreti Choir Hazreti Hamza, from Bosnia, perform in Naqshibendi – a tradition of Sufi music. The group has released two albums, Jedna Je Istina, (There is Only One Truth), and Leptir, (Butterfly), and has toured in Croatia, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany and Switzerland.

The Dalahoo Sufi Ensemble

amj_dalahoo The Dalahoo Sufi Ensemble, from Iran, was founded by Masoud Habibi, one of the leading daf ( an Iranian percussion instrument) players in the region. Habibi’s music can be heard on over 300 albums and films. His repertoire also includes the poems from great mystical poets such as Jalal al-Din Rumi. His group has performed in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.

Sain Zahoor

amj_zahoor Sain Zahoor is a travelling folk singer from Pakistan who began performing at the age of five. His musical abilities have since received international acclaim including a BBC World Music Award in 2006. Sain’s intense rendition of Kafi ( Sufi) poetry has earned him devoted fans in every corner of the globe.

Houria Aïchi

amj_aichi Houria Aïchi was born in Algeria and performs chaoui music which is rooted in the Berber traditions of North Africa. She has released a number of CDs, participated in the sound track of Bertolucci’s film Un Thé Au Sahara and performs internationally.


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  1. This was amazing!! Just saw it last night in Atlanta and was astounded at the quality and creativity! Is there any chance of a CD to purchase from the show?
    You really should consider it…


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