Knowledge Society

“That quest for a better life, among Muslims and non-Muslims alike, must lead inevitably to the Knowledge Society which is developing in our time. The great and central question facing the Ummah of today is how it will relate to the Knowledge Society of tomorrow.The fundamental reason for the pre-eminence of Islamic civilizations lay neither in accidents of history nor in acts of war, but rather in their ability to discover new knowledge, to make it their own, and to build constructively upon it. They became the Knowledge Societies of their time.”

Aga Khan IV, Speech, 2nd December 2006, AKU, Karachi, Pakistan

Contribution: Easy Nash

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

4 thoughts

  1. In terms of rationally-acquired knowledge, in particular scientific knowledge and knowledge of nature, the West is by far the “Knowledge Society” of the current time. The Islamic world in its totality needs to acknowledge this, suck it up, and incorporate it into its own pantheon of knowledge just like the early Islamic intellectuals did over a thousand years ago. This will require an intellectual alliance between the Islamic world and the West and is very much in keeping with the spirit of Islam.


  2. I appreciate this article. My sources tell me knowledge is doubling every three years on the internet and online community


  3. “Parts of the Ummah are concerned about the relationship between Muslims and the contemporary knowledge society, which is now principally rooted in the West. It is my deepest conviction, my deepest conviction, that we must make that knowledge society our own, in keeping with the Alid tradition towards the intellect, but always doing so within the ethics of our faith. Thus, I have sought from my Jamat your Nazrana of time and knowledge.”(Aga Khan IV, Paris, France, July 11th 2007)


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