Dubai Park Overview and Gallery

Situated across the road from the Ismaili Centre Dubai, the Dubai Park is a gift from Mawlana Hazar Imam to the city of Dubai. It was developed by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network.

The 3 000 square metre park was conceived as a neighbourhood garden based on the concept of an Islamic garden. The serene setting is reflective of its Islamic heritage, drawing on the traditions of a faith which has inspired outstanding architecture and landscapes for many centuries in Dubai and throughout the world. For example, archways from the Fatimid period of the 10th to 12th centuries have been used in the park structures. The project architect, Maher Stino, was also the landscape architect of Al Azhar Park, a project of the Trust in Cairo, Egypt.


dubaipark5 dubaipark4
dubaipark3 dubaipark2


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

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  1. Ya Ali Madad our My mawla visit dubai 23 March I am very Happy about all the Ismailies of Dubai and I love Too Mach it and i wish To be See once in my Life Dubai and all my Ismailies Too

    With the Best Regards Of Abdul Ali Afghani


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