OIC envoy Sada Cumber says Muslims in US will be treated with respect

Wed, Jun 4th, 2008

Dhaka, June 04 (bdnews24.com)—US special envoy to the OIC Sada Cumber said Wednesday that Muslims from Bangladesh and other countries living in the US would be treated with dignity and respect.

Cumber, the first US envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), also said the misunderstanding between the US and the Muslim world was a “clash of ignorance, not clash of civilisations”.

“I have already engaged myself in the dialogue with the homeland security in dealing with some of the issues that the Bangladeshi Muslims coming into the United States, are facing at the airport,” Cumber, a Pakistani Muslim American, told a meeting on US-OIC relations organised by the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute.

US ambassador to Bangladesh James F Moriarty also addressed the meeting, chaired by BEI president Farooq Sobhan.

“I’ve assured the foreign ministry this afternoon that insallah soon we would be addressing these issues,” said Cumber who had met foreign secretary Md Touhid Hossain at the foreign ministry earlier in the day.

He said the US homeland security secretary would deliver an address to the US Muslims in Houston, Texas Wednesday assuring them that the problems would be solved.

“The secretary’s address will make sure that these issues are mitigated so that the Muslims from Bangladesh and other places, and non-Muslims, when they enter the United States, are dealt with dignity and respect,” said Cumber.

He said that the US with 5 million Muslims from 80 different countries wanted a voice in the OIC. He said that his office was totally independent of other wings of the US administration and he only reported to US President George W Bush.

Cumber was appointed US special envoy to the OIC on March 3, 2008.

He said that the US wanted to establish 10 digital libraries in 10 OIC countries and work in fields of science and technology, education and health.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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