Islamic Artist: Salma Jadavji

Salma Jadavji creates artwork in a variety of media, like oil, acrylic, pastels, water colour, pencil, chalk, pen and ink and mixed media. Her passion is Islamic art, which she creates on Quranic Ayats and comes up with Islamic calligraphy. She travels extensively and takes photographs and used them in most of her paintings.

Salma likes to challenge herself by doing different media and subjects and does not limit herself to one type of media.

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Author: ismailimail

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One thought

  1. Her each work is a masterpiece of its own, truly a genuine artist, deep thinker and an amazing human being. She was the one who design and painted the front cover of Canadian Golden Jubilee geet CD entitled “Jhoom Jhoom” and I have to say that her outstanding art work was appreciated by everyone, not only in North America, but also in Europe and South Asia.

    Keep up the great work through your passion of Art and colors!!!!

    Karim Gillani


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