Ismaili Poetry – Hani and Shirazi

The Evil of Desire – By Al Mu’ayyad fi’l din Al Shirazi

The Light of Intellect – By Al Mu’ayyad fi’l din Al Shirazi

The Proof of God – By Ibn Hani Al-Andalusi

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2 thoughts

  1. The King of kings

    Today I caught a glimpse of that Face
    The Face that made my heart race

    Shining so brilliant as though I were gazing upon the Sun itself
    So powerful was the Light I was drawn into it myself

    No more than a glimpse was I allowed
    Before the intensity of that Light necessitated my eyes to be enshroud

    As the King of kings walked past, blessing each one of us
    The happiness that radiated through our hearts indeed was wondrous

    When He uttered words of wisdom, He smiled, He joked and He laughed too
    Sending our hearts dancing with joy, me and you

    Alas the brief moment of the Darbar came to its end
    Too soon I would say, an hour longer I would have wished to recommend

    And afterwards there was joy in the faces of everyone
    Joy and light and happiness, and we were all one


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