Eboo Patel – Member of President Obama’s White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

February 5, 2009

Obama Announces White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Washington (February 5, 2009) – President Barack Obama today signed an executive order establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will work on behalf of Americans committed to improving their communities, no matter their religious or political beliefs.


The Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will include a new President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, composed of religious and secular leaders and scholars from different backgrounds. There will be 25 members of the Council, appointed to 1-year terms.

eboo_patel_newsweekMembers of the Council include:


Eboo S. Patel, Founder & Executive Director, Interfaith Youth Corps
Chicago, IL

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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

22 thoughts

  1. Dear MR. Eboo patel
    My warmth congratulation to you for, to be the member Of The Office
    of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
    it is my prayers that you will descharge your assingment with the best of your knowledge, Capabality
    and keep your name and the communtity name on the top and win the trast of those who trust on you for the assingment
    Hikayat shah Saudi Arabia


  2. Everybody, let’s give a prayer for Dr. Eboo Patel. Also, we should remember that what makes Eboo and Obama happy the most is, along with the prayer, that WE will begin interfaith activities within our communities!


  3. Dear Bhai Eboo,

    I dont have words to congrats u, I do hope that, ur priority shall be humanity and the betterment of the country, whom bestowed u this rare oppertunity. With this i am of the openion u are presenting a commnity whom have a unique leadership of the time. Humanity is above all religion, race, tribes and creed. U r actual Ambassador of Islam and then the community u belong————-


  4. Dear Eboo

    With the passge of time, Imam-e-zaman is providing oppertunities for the Isamili Muslims to express their faith to the other communities in general and muslim ummah in particular. I consider this oppertunity one among all in recent years. We all ismailies wish and pray that your assaignment should turn to an oppertunity for the understanding of our faith.
    Accept my best best wishes.


  5. Dear Eboo,

    My warmth congrats to you on being appoint as a member of The Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

    See because of your hard work, Mowla blessed you with the opportunity through Obama to use your expertise and experience in this endeavor. Ismailies around the globe wish you good luck and pray for the fulfillment of the given task. We all are looking forward to see the name of Ismaili Community with proud and top of the list.
    Once again lots of wishes and good luck.

    Hassan Ali Samnani
    Karachi, Pakistan


  6. dear eboo
    as i was in US for visit then after i was impressed by US and when i hear somebody holding good position i feel proud as still if god wishes i will be back soon after passing my NCLEx and my son will appear for physical therapist wish u all the best


  7. Ya Ali Madad

    My Heartfelt Sincere and Warm Congratulations to you on your
    appointmemnt as President Obama’s White House Office of Faith.

    All the very best to you, and May Hazar Imam bless you both and
    family with Eternal Happiness, Peace and Longeivity during your tenure
    of office and may you be rewarded with further meritorous awards
    in the future.

    May Hazar Imam’s cherished and showered blessings always be with you in your future endeavours.

    With kind regards,



  8. Ya ali Madad,

    Congratulations to you on your appointment!

    May Mawlas blessings always be with you!!

    With warm regards,

    Sadiq Judha (Mumbai )

    Director of Aga Khan Education Service for India.


  9. Ya Ali Madad,

    congratulations on your appointment and wish you all the best today and always!

    warm regards,

    Nilusha Judha

    Aga Khan Youth and Sports board for North Bombay


  10. Ya Ali Madad,

    Congratulations on your appointment and our best wishes are always with you!

    Warm regards,

    Ashraf Ajani

    National Scouting and guiding board for india


  11. Dear Eboo,
    I don’t know if you remember me but we met at the United Religions Initiative held at Stanford University in summer 1997 if I am correct. My name is Ghazala Munir and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I remember having long conversations with you about the future of Muslim youth in North America. I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to you and wish you the very best in your sincere efforts to bring harmony among religions. I commend President Obama for his selection! We are actively pursuing Interfaith Relations here in West Michigan. There are several organizations doing some kind of interfaith work. If there is anything we could do to help you in any way, please feel free to call upon us. Is it possible to bring you here as a guest speaker? We would be honored if you accept. Please notify me via email about how to get in touch with you.

    Sincere Regards,


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