Cable project will be launched July 23, says Anna Kahama-Rupia, Managing Director of Seacom Tanzania

Good news! The Managing Director of Seacom Tanzania, Ms Anna Kahama talks exclusively to ‘Globu ya Jamii’ on the much awaited fibre optic services she says will be ready for launching come July 23 this year.


The undersea fibre optic cable has been laid down in the Indian Ocean water of commercial capital Dar es Salaam. The trials for the new communication system are already on.

The project, that was expected to be complete by June this year, experienced a some delays to what Anna Kahama-Rupia said was due to high seas piracy threats.

Seacom, she said, had to hire special armed speed-boat escorts during the during part of the period of laying of the submarine cable as a precaution against Somali bandits who roam the high seas. (click here)

The new technology, which is alternative to the satellite system, is set to lower telecommunications costs by 95 percent.

Kahama said SEACOM will be the first cable to provide broadband to countries in east Africa which, at the moment, rely entirely on expensive satellite connections.
SEACOM is 76.25% African owned by: Industrial Promotion Services (26.25%), an arm of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, Venfin Limited (25%), Convergence Partners (12.5%), Shanduka Group (12.5%). The remaining 23.75% is held by Herakles Telecom LLC.

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