Alykhan Jetha’s Marketcircle wins Macworld award

Daylite TouchMarketcircle, a Markham-based Mac business productivity software company, won big at the Macworld Expo recently with its “2009 Best of Show award” given by Macworld Magazine for its Daylite Touch iPhone application. To give you some perspective about this award, past “Best of Show” winners have included Macbook Air, Guitar Hero III and Photoshop.

Alykhan Jetha, Marketcircle’s CEO, remarked: This award recognizes the need for Mac-based small businesses to have on-the-go organization tools. With Daylite Touch big enterprise mobility envy is a thing of the past.
Alykhan Jetha AJI caught up with Marketcircle’s Founder and CEO, Alykhan Jetha (AJ), who shared his remarkable start-up journey and where Marketcircle got to be over the years – and its a story of incredible resourcefulness, sheer grit and sticking to your ideals, which I think other local entrepreneurs can take a lot of inspiration from.

AJ’s software journey started back in the early ’90s, when he was developing on the NeXT and by ’97, was into consulting. He had figured out that what he really wanted to do was “to start his own business”, and by the summer of ’99, he started realizing on that dream. Marketcircle was born …

Marketcircle: Part I, The Start-up Story
Marketcircle Wins Macworld 2009’s Best of Show Award For Daylite Touch

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