Group of Ismaili Musicians including Salim Merchant, performed at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Kick Off Concert in Africa | The Ismaili

Complete Song “Africa You Are The Star” at the source.

Alisha Salim Sulaiman - Africa You are the Star

Over the past four weeks, millions of people around the world have turned their attention to South Africa, where teams representing 32 countries have gathered to vie for the FIFA World Cup championship. It is the first time that the tournament is being hosted in an African country — a point of pride for all Africans that was evident during the opening ceremonies. But for a group of Ismaili musicians who performed at the World Cup Kick Off Concert, the occasion was particularly special.

“It all started off with this businessman, Karim Jamal, from Nairobi,” said Salim Merchant, who together with his brother Sulaiman, make up the Bollywood musical duo Salim-Sulaiman. “He wanted to make a song for the FIFA event, and we decided, why don’t we make a song on Africa.”

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