Plato, Platonism, and Neo-platonism – Dr Nader El-Bizri | Institute of Ismaili Studies

The school of philosophy that took shape in the 3rd century CE, based on the teachings of Plato and the commentators on his work, received a new intellectual impetus when its texts became available to scholars in the Islamic civilization through translations from Greek to Arabic, starting from the 9th century CE. Philosophers and thinkers in Islam assimilated this philosophical legacy, and innovatively expanded the theoretical and practical applications of its ideas, as well as brought new directions to its conceptual unfolding, which resulted in significant intellectual contributions, particularly in philosophy and ethics.

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Author: ismailimail

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3 thoughts

  1. As someone raised in the Eastern Greek Orthodox tradition I found the article of great interest and it reminded me once again of the commonality of our spiritual quests.


  2. I have always been fascinated by Philosophical Ismailism, which has its origins in the article you posted above. I have written a 600+ post Blog on the link between Science and Religion in Islam which is constructed within a scaffolding of the Al Sijistani-Khusraw cosmological doctrine:

    A 600-Post Blog Summarized: The Story Of My Blog Told Through Collections Of Posts To Date; Spring And Summer Reading For Those Who Are Interested


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