Nakupenda Arusha song a big hit!

TORONTO – A song written and composed by Sheniz Janmohamed was a “big hit” at the formal banquet, the highlight of the three-day Arusha Ismailis Reunion held in Toronto area.

“The song, Nakupenda Arusha (love you Arusha) is about beauty and innocence of life in Arusha in northern Tanzania as a child,” said Janmohamed. “It hearkens to a time a youth, when happiness could be found in the simplest things.”

Janmohamed is the daughter of Abdul Janmohamed, a member of the executive steering committee of the Arusha Reunion.

She is a freelance writer, poet and spoken word artist.

In September 2009, she travelled to Kenya to work on a collaborative show with Kenyan poets and musicians to raise money for Hawkers Market Girls Centre.

Her first book of poetry, “Bleeding Light” will be published in September, 2010.

The Arusha Reunion, first in half a century, was a huge success.

More than 500 people attended the farewell barbecue.

A follow up reunion could be held in Calgary in Alberta in the next three to five years.

(Story and photo: Sultan Jessa)

Author: ismailimail

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