Ashif Mawji on a worldly workforce

A worldly workforce: Multicultural staff are a boon to companies expanding overseas. Why aren’t Canadian firms catching on?

Ashif Mawji on a worldly workforceExcerpt:

The most common way companies leverage their multicultural staff is using language skills, cited by 66 per cent of respondents to our survey, followed by knowledge of local customs, maintaining contacts and customers, and understanding the local political environment. Ashif Mawji, CEO of Upside Software in Edmonton, says this has been his experience. When Upside was thrust into the international market after scoring a contract with Hewlett-Packard—which operates in 90 countries—in its second year of business, Mawji had to hire new staff. He says it was easy to find first-generation immigrants with experience in different markets and the right qualifications in Edmonton.

The Kenyan-born Mawji says 50 per cent of his current staff were born outside of Canada, a fact visually represented by a 12-by-six-foot map near the office kitchen where employees mark their birthplace with a push pin. – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AT MACLEANSUPSIDE SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

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