Oleg Grabar, Historian of Islamic Art, Dies at 81 – NYTimes.com

Oleg Grabar, a historian of Islamic art and architecture whose imposingly broad range and analytical subtlety helped transform the Western study of Islamic culture, died Saturday at his home in Princeton, N.J. He was 81.

The cause was heart failure, his wife, Terry, said.

Professor Grabar, the son of the eminent Byzantinist Andre Grabar, specialized in the architecture of the seventh- and eighth-century Umayyad dynasty early in his career. In the 1960s he led the excavations at Qasr al-Hayr East in Syria, the site of an early Islamic palace in an area long thought to be a historical blank.

via Oleg Grabar, Historian of Islamic Art, Dies at 81 – NYTimes.com.

In 2010, Oleg Grabar was honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at Aga Khan Award for Architecture Ceremony in Doha Qatar. All related search at Ismailimail.

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One thought

  1. It is very sad. He taught well, to me about the Shanameh..a jovial,thorough educator. He was given an award by His Highness in Qatar this year, for a reason.


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