Islamic concert at University of Alberta | Edmonton Journal

A rare chance to take in traditional music of the Arab world happens Saturday in Convocation Hall, at the University of Alberta.

Sponsored in part by the U of A’s Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology, the concert is called Sounds and Expressions of Muslim Devotion. The show will include elements of the sacred Sufi songs known as qawwali, and the ancient Sanskrit poetry form known as ginan. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Tickets are available at the door.

More than 30 musicians and/or singers are set to appear, including the U of A’s own Central Asian and South Asian Ensembles. The Ginan Ensemble is another group that features gifted young singers from Edmonton’s Ismaili community. Other masters of the tradition from around the world are also performing.

Music plays a unique role in the daily lives of Islamic people. The five-member Inshad Ensemble will play a central role in bringing that side of the music across, featuring Iraq-born singer Sheikh Dhari Ibrahim Al-Asee, with additional players on oud, the nay reed instrument, violin and percussion.

The concert is also part of a larger event happening Friday through Monday at the university, an international conference called Sounds and Spaces of Muslim Piety: Tradition and Transformation. For more information on that check,

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  1. Indeed it was a rare but essential opportunity to get acquainted with sounds and space influence on understanding Islam in harmony with similar healthy influences in other religeons around the globe, as presented by Internationally well known sholars and resesrchers. Bravo to all participants and we hope Edmonton will continue to host such knowledgeable and useful research work providing them open interaction with interested knowledge seekers.


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