D.R. Toilet System – Disaster Relief Toilet by Rahim Bhimani, Industrial Designer

D.R. Toilet System – Disaster Relief Toilet by Rahim Bhimani, Industrial DesignerThe recent spate of natural and man-made disasters has put a stress on relief work being carried out by rescue agencies. One of the most predominant issues is that of human-waste management in temporary shelters. It’s easier to set up tents on fields than accommodating makeshift toilets for displaced people. The D.R. Toilet System looks into this issue and solves it with a flatpack toilet that comes with an encompassing tent for privacy and a unique waste-disposal system.

4 Main Components to the Design

Tent – Flat pack system to create awareness of the toilet and privacy. Privacy is an issue a lot of existing toilet solutions do not meet. The back of the tent has an opening where the user can pull the cart out to drop off the waste.

The static toilet – The toilet is a quick to put together and is 18″ high. It can be put together with no instructions and any one in country can easily assemble it. As well the toilet can also accommodate individuals squatting if they wish to stand up on the toilet.

The Cart – The cart is designed for the user to easily relocate the biodegradable bag of waste and simple discard it in a pit. The cart is designed to be put together by using 10 slot head screws that can also be put together using a butter knife or a coin.

The Biodegradable Bag – A Bag for the waste collection that can be buried.

via D.R. Toilet System – Disaster Relief Toilet by Rahim Bhimani » Yanko Design.
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