TEDx – Fatima Kassam – Africa, Transitioning From Managing Crisis To Managing Risk

Fatima Kassam currently serves as a Special Advisor to the African Union (AU) on the African Risk Capacity (ARC) project. ARC is a project of the African Union to create an African-owned, AU-led, stand-alone financial entity that would provide participating AU Member States with immediate resources in the event of a natural disaster.

Fatima has also worked extensively with non-profits that cultivate informed civic engagement and increased awareness about the perils of growth without equity. In this capacity, she designed core curriculum for the Hands On Network’s nationwide Citizen Academy; Emory University’s Ethics and Servant Leadership Forum; and the Aga Khan Foundation USA’s Global Village in Action.

Author: ismailimail

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2 thoughts

    1. Fatima, very good presentation, good luck for implementing your dream all over Africa and the developing world who is in need of your contribution , energy and commitment, promoting a new culture in proactive risk management adapted to the rural communities in need !!!!

      good luck !!!



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