Kenyan Medical Milestone: Video Conference Surgery possible due to Aga Khan Fund & Economic Development’s Seacom Undersea Cabling Project

Kenyan Medical Milestone: Video Conference Surgery possible due to Aga Khan Fund & Economic Development's Seacom Undersea Cabling ProjectKenya reached a medical milestone by having the first surgery enabled via video links successfully concluded at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi. Video Conference Surgery, as the innovation is known, offers limitless opportunities for procedures that Kenyans have been shopping for abroad, largely because of the high costs of the treatment locally and, in some cases, because of the waiting lines at public facilities with the capacity to perform the operations more affordably. via

From 2009 story: AccessKenya Group has commissioned international connectivity on both the Seacom and Teams international cables and provided for full international redundancy. With the commissioning of the final Teams cable, the operator now has three diverse paths to the public internet: capacity on Seacom landing in London, capacity on Seacom landing in Mumbai and capacity on Teams landing in Fujairah, UAE. By landing part of AccessKenya’s capacity in Mumbai and interconnecting with Tata Communications’s global network there, the firm has removed the issue of both Seacom and Teams using the SMW4 fibre cable to London. The company believes this significantly sets it apart from competitors in Kenya.

SEACOM is a privately financed, developed and owned submarine fibre optic cable network bringing high quality, affordable wholesale broadband capacity to Africa through the sale of wholesale bandwidth and associated services on an open-access basis since July 2009. SEACOM’s project started off with the initial construction in November 2007. This cable joined the countries of Southern and East Africa, Asia and Europe with the global network and has permanently altered the advanced broadband infrastructure of the African continent.

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