Video: Isma‘ili Muslim perpsectives on Jesus presented by Khalil Andani at the Christology Symposium

“…the conditions of the dialogue between Christianity and Islam change completely as soon as the interlocutor represents not legalistic Islam but this spiritual Islam, whether it be that of Sufism or of Shi‘ite gnosis.”
(Henry Corbin, Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth, Prologue)

Video: Khalil Andani presents Isma'ili Muslim perspectives on Jesus at the Christology Symposium Video: Khalil Andani presents Isma'ili Muslim perspectives on Jesus at the Christology Symposium

On Thursday, March 15, 2012, the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s College hosted “The Christology Symposium” – an academic forum featuring presentations on Jesus from multiple Christian and Muslim perspectives followed by a panel discussion. The presentations consisted of the following:

1. “Roman Catholic Christology” (at 5:50) – Greg Rupik (PhD Candidate, University of Toronto)

2. “Sunni Muslim Christology” (at 22:00) – Shabir Ally (PhD Candidate, University of Toronto)

3. “Evangelical Christology” (at 39:15) – Dr. Tony Costa (PhD)

4. “Shi‘a Isma‘ili Muslim Christology” (at 57:30) – Khalil Andani (Master of Theological Studies Candidate, Harvard University)

Khalil Andani’s presentation titled Shi‘a Isma‘ili Muslim Christology: Jesus in Classical Isma‘ili Thought summarized some of the classical Isma‘ili Muslm perspectives on Jesus which stem from the Fatimid Isma‘ili discourse on the absolute transcendence of God, the Universal Intellect (al-‘aql al-kull), and the Cycles of the Natiqs (Prophets) and the Imams. The presentation concluded by sharing an Isma‘ili ta’wil (esoteric interpretation) of the Christian Cross and the Islamic Shahada as outlined in the writings of Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani and Ja’far ibn Mansur al-Yaman which demonstrate the ecumenical and pluralistic approaches of the Fatimid Isma‘ili thinkers:

“It remains a question why discussions of the Islamic Jesus have not heretofore stressed the importance of the thought of these Isma‘ili scholars with regard to what is probably the great single obstacle in Muslim-Christian relations not to mention an extremely important feature of Muslim identity.”
(Todd Lawson, The Crucifixion and the Qur’an, 95)

Watch: Video of Khalil Andani’s Presentation Shi’a Isma’ili Muslim Christology:Video: Khalil Andani presents Isma'ili Muslim perspectives on Jesus at the Christology Symposium
Watch: Full Video of The Christology Symposium Presentations and Panel Discussion:
Video: Khalil Andani presents Isma'ili Muslim perspectives on Jesus at the Christology Symposium
Further Reading on the subject of Isma’ili Muslim Christology can be found at:

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  3. Khalil Andani, “They Killed Him Not”: The Crucifixion in Shi‘a Isma‘ili Islam
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  5. Khalil Andani, The Metaphysics of the Common Word: A Dialogue of Eckhartian and Isma’ili Gnosis, Sacred Web Journals 2011 Part1, Part2

Khalil Andani is a doctoral (Ph.D) candidate specializing in Islamic intellectual history, theology, philosophy, and mysticism at Harvard University and holds a Master of Theological Studies degree (2014), specializing in Islamic philosophy and Ismaili thought, from Harvard University. He is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and completed Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) and Master of Accounting degrees at the University of Waterloo (2008). Khalil’s publications include a book chapter on Nasir-i Khusraw’s philosophical thought in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Islamic Philosophy and articles in Sacred Web, and The Matheson Trust. Over the last few years, Khalil has been invited to deliver several guest lectures and conference presentations on various topics in Islamic philosophy, theology and mysticism at Harvard University (SCT 2013, HDS 2014), University of Toronto (Christology Symposium, NMCGSA 2013, NMCGSA 2014), University of Chicago (MEHAT 2013, MEHAT 2014), Carleton University, the American Academy of Religion (Midwest AAR 2014, NEMAAR 2014), and the Middle East Studies Association 2013. He can be contacted at

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7 thoughts

  1. Another excellent presentation by Khalil.

    It is refreshing to see such initiatives taken by young members of the jamat.


  2. I kindly request copy of the DVD of the complete dialogue of “The Christology Symposium”. My Postal Address is PO Box 562094, Chatsworth
    4030 South Africa

    Kind Regards
    Bobby Freddy


  3. we are proud to see the first dialogue initiative by Mr. Khalil Andani, it truly, reflects what our beloved Hazir Imam wants from the Jamat, from the Ummah and the world communities at large to try to understand each other, there are no as much clash of civilizations as it is a clash of ignorance, once we started and continued such type of meaningful dialogue among all faiths and try to understand the very roots of all faiths, of that Khaili illustrated in a very nice manner, not only the different interpreters of the faith of Islam -within the ummah will understand each other but the world’s faith will be easily convensed to understand each other and their positions in their own faith and their interpretations..

    we pray for the success of this young brother .


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