Senator Mobina Jaffer pays tribute to her father Sherali Bandali Jaffer, recipient of Uganda’s National Independence Medal

Senator Mobina Jaffer pays tribute to her father Sherali Bandali JafferMr. Sherali Bandali Jaffer

Congratulations on Receiving Uganda’s National Independence Medal

Hon. Mobina S. B. Jaffer: Honourable senators, I rise today to honour my father, Sherali Bandali Jaffer, who was recently decorated with Uganda’s National Independence Medal, one of the highest awards granted by the government of Uganda. This medal, known as the Hero’s Award, was first awarded by Queen Elizabeth II in 1962, at the time of Uganda’s independence. It is an honour awarded to those individuals who have contributed significantly to Uganda’s struggle to obtain independence, as well as to those who continue to work diligently to protect its independence.

My father has devoted his life to creating a strong, independent Uganda and is extremely proud to have represented his Ugandan brothers and sisters as a city councillor and as a member of parliament under President Obote’s government.

In 1972, under the rein of Idi Amin, my father and our entire family were exiled and forced to leave Uganda, our country of birth, with nothing but the clothes on our backs. After seeking refuge in Vancouver and establishing successful businesses in Canada, my father chooses to continue to return to Uganda from time to time, as it is his place of birth.

More Debates – Issue 81 – May 17, 2012.

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