Walking for the World: Raheem Dilgir composes song for World Partnership Walk

Walking for the World: Raheem Dilgir composes song for World Partnership WalkRaheem Dilgir, based in Vancouver BC, Canada, writes songs for social and institutional causes he is passionate about. On the occasion of the 28th Annual World Partnership Walk, in cities across Canada, Raheem has recorded his song “Walking for the World”. The song tells the story of “a mother and her little girl, in a village far away”, and how poverty can be conquered by the human spirit, and the work of organizations such as the Aga Khan Foundation.

The great-grandson of Mr. Fazal Walli Nathoo (“Kavi”) Dilgir, composer of the original global Ismaili Anthem in 1922, music is in Raheem’s blood. He tours North America as a solo act (“Rafiki Raheem”), and with his childhood band RRAFIKI (www.rrafiki.com).

Walking for the World: Raheem Dilgir composes song for World Partnership Walk
Recording Walking for the World

“Walking for the World” was composed, arranged and recorded by Raheem, with the production assistance of Mr. Jeremy John Butler at Rukkus recording studio in Vancouver.

The song is also included on a compilation CD called “Songs for Peace” a diverse compilation of songs by Ismaili artists across Canada, USA and United Kingdom. The CD can be purchased for $5, and all proceeds from the CD sales are donated to the World Partnership Walk. To order the full CD, please e-mail songs4peace@hotmail.com.

The audio, lyrics, and an explanation of the insipration behind “Walking for the World” can be downloaded below.

Download MP3 http://soundcloud.com/rafiki-raheem-dilgir/walking-for-the-world-raheem

Walking For The World – Raheem Dilgir – EXPLANATION
Walking for the World – Raheem Dilgir – LYRICS

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