Article: The sound of a qawwali

Article: The sound of a qawwaliThe final resting place of saint Nizamuddiun Auliya and poet Amir Khusrau is a cultural hub, finds Sudarshana Srinivasan

Fact file: Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia lived in a small village called Ghiyaspur on the outskirts of Delhi. He lived there for 60 years and was buried there. In his lifetime, he was frequently at loggerheads with the Delhi rulers but was also sought after for advice and blessing. Eight hundred odd years later, the dargah still retains the essence of what it must have been like all those years ago. Today, Ghiyaspur is better known as Nizamuddin.

Revival: The Aga Khan Trust for Culture along with the Archaeological Survey of India, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and the Public Works Department is working on the cultural and economic revival of the Nizamuddin basti. It aims to integrate the community with its cultural heritage. To know more visit – Click here to read the article at the source: The Hindu.

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