Article: His Highness the Aga Khan and Canada: A Profound Affinity

Article: His Highness the Aga Khan and Canada: A Profound Affinity…to coincide with Canada Day which will be celebrated Sunday, July 1, 2012, across the country with pancake breakfasts, parades, concerts, carnivals, festivals, firework displays and citizenship ceremonies for new Canadians, Simerg brings you an insightful study by Mohib Ebrahim entitled “His Highness the Aga Khan and Canada: A Profound Affinity – But Why Canada?”

The Three P’s of Humanity: Pluralism, Poverty, and Peace (or Progress)

To understand the depth of the Aga Khan’s affinity with Canada, one first needs to understand the depth of his commitment to pluralism, because the former is predicated on the later. For the Aga Khan, pluralism is not just as an ethical, shared human value, but a necessary prerequisite for world peace, stable democratic governance, and sustainable development. Click here to download from the source.

About the author: An honours graduate of Simon Fraser University in Computer Science and Mathematics, Mohib Ebrahim has been involved in software development and the IT industry since the ’80s. Mohib is Editor and Publisher of the NanoWisdoms Archive of Imamat speeches, interviews and writings which has over 500 readings and can be found at A keen amateur astronomer for over 30 years, Mohib also enjoys kite flying and studying the relationship between faith and reason.

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