Major Aleem Sajan receives Commander’s Commendation upon ending his tour in Kabul

Major Aleem Sajan receives Commander's Commendation upon ending his tour in Kabul14 Wing Greenwood’s Major Aleem Sajan recently received a Commander’s Commendation from Major General Jim Ferron, commander Canadian Contribution Training Mission – Afghanistan. As the professions advisor at the Afghan Air University in Kabul from March through to this November, Sajan’s efforts had an “outstanding effect on the success of the Canadian Forces’ training mission in Afghanistan,” the citation read.

“Through unwavering dedication, strong cultural acumen, tireless work ethic and while displaying the best qualities of an officer, he minimized the cultural divide between Afghan and coalition forces, benefitting all and making significant and meaningful progress within the training system and Department of Education.” Sajan was surprised by the commendation.

“I truly felt that I only did what was required of me,” he said. “I believe that this recognition is also a reflection of our team’s success to connect and establish a great friendship with our Afghan counterparts.”

That connection, Sajan said, has resulted in significant advancements at the Air University. He was honoured to accept this recognition on behalf of the Afghan Air University coalition advisor team and Afghan counterparts.

“Simply put, I have had the privilege to build a bridge between two different cultures and effectively communicate with the Afghan leadership at the school. I was extremely gifted with an opportunity to spend some time with a Canadian Afghan community in Quebec City while I was participating in a year-long Canadian Forces-sponsored French language program at CFB Valcartier. I believe this time with an Afghan Canadian community, together with the cultural awareness and language training received during pre-deployment training and our Canadian values of respect for all cultures, all contributed to my ability to connect with the Afghan leadership here.”

Source (14MB PDF): Aurora Newspaper October 22 2012 Vol. 33 No. 41

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