Raheem Dilgir’s Song “I Volunteer” Celebrates International Volunteer Day

Listen to the song above via SoundCloud Player.

Raheem VolunteeringTo celebrate International Volunteer Day (December 5, 2012), Raheem Dilgir of Vancouver, Canada has released his song “I Volunteer”.

The song was inspired by the spirit of volunteerism that Raheem grew up with in our community. He believes that whether we are serving our families, our neighbours, our spritual brothers and sisters or the less advantaged in society, it is this spirit of service that binds us, shapes us, and carries us through difficult times.

Raheem Dilgir Recording I Volunteer“I Volunteer” explores the sentiments around volunteering. It attempts to speak for those who would rather be silent. Raheem writes: “They’re not expecting a thank you; they’re not looking for a way out; there’s a voice inside reminding them just what it’s all about.” For many volunteers, while they are helping others, they are also fulfiling a basic human need within themselves.

“I Volunteer” was written, arranged and recorded, by Raheem, who comes from a long line of musicians. Raheem’s great grandfather, Fazal Walli Nathoo Dilgir composed the original Ismaili Anthem in the 1920’s in Zanzibar.

The audio and lyrics of “I Volunteer” can be found and downloaded at the following links:

Download Song: http://soundcloud.com/rafiki-raheem-dilgir/i-volunteer-raheem-dilgir
Download Lyrics: https://ismailimail.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/i-volunteer-raheem-dilgir-lyrics.pdf

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