Gurdeep Ahluwalia and Nabil Karim hosted Sportscentre

Gurdeep Ahluwalia and Nabil Karim hosted Sportscentre

Anyone old enough to read this is too old to need a reminder about the evils of racism. It’s just disappointing, if not surprising, when this happens.

Tuesday’s late-night TSN Sportscentre was hosted by Gurdeep Ahluwalia and Nabil Karim. There was a backlash on Twitter in 2012 when Ahluwalia and Karim, who are both brown men, debuted with the network. Tuesday was just as bad for comments that, rather than put a damning label on people, should just be called dumb.

via Gurdeep Ahluwalia and Nabil Karim hosted Sportscentre — and the backlash was appalling | The Eh Game – Yahoo! Sports Canada.

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  1. Thankfully TSN has spoken out against the racist messages that appeared in social media. See

    Excerpt: TSN responded publicly on Wednesday to racist messages targeted at SportsCentre hosts Gurdeep Ahluwalia and Nabil Karim, strongly supporting both on-air personalities along with the network’s long-standing commitment to having the best talent on its multiple platforms.

    “In this day and age, it’s unfortunate we continue to witness examples of ignorance and intolerance on social media,” said Stewart Johnston, President of TSN. “Some, not all, of the comments posted on Twitter about Nabil and Gurdeep, spoke to the worst of social media. It’s noteworthy and gratifying, however, that there was significant and rapid pushback on Twitter. Nabil and Gurdeep are two accomplished broadcasters and our viewers can expect to see lots more of them on TSN.”

    There was considerable backlash on Twitter as numerous racist tweets appeared after Gurdeep and Nabil hosted the late night edition of SportsCentre together on Tuesday night.

    Nabil has been a mainstay on SportsCentre as anchor and reporter since December of 2011 after covering a number of major sporting events for the CBC including the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2010 Commonwealth Games.


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