Navroz: A Fresh New Start – Poem by Noori Mamdani

Navroz: A Fresh New Start

Melting of soft slithery snow,
Dazzling crystals in the rippling river flow,
Prismatic rainbow glow,
All are externalizing as an enchanted poetry of Nasir-i Khusraw.

Blooming of colorful flowers,
Drizzling of spring showers,
Growers and consumers,
All are rejoicing and welcoming the astounding spring,
As Pir Sadardin’s devotional linguistic string.

Hatchlings are coming out of the eggs,
Mother birds are embracing them safe in innovative-engineered nests,
As Islamic calligraphy is at the crest.

Creeping-crawling of insects and bugs,
Sweetness of birds,
Gusting of fresh breeze,
As Mawlana Rumi’s wisdom is creating a mystical bliss.

Homes are filled with delightful aroma.
Traditional dastarkhans are spread with samanu, pulav, and scrumptious fish.
As an artistic piece of Islamic ceramic dish.

Equinox has arrived draped in transforming nature gauze.
The equal duration of day and night is proudly ushering the influx of
The transformation of exterior milieu is replicating the renovation of the hearts.
True believers are adhering deepest shukran toward the Lord.

On this pious day, Ismailis are praying with a longing in their hearts,
To commence their physical and spiritual journey with a fresh new start,
With a fresh new start.

“If ye would count up
The favors of Allah,
Never would ye be able
To number them; for Allah
Is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Mericful.” (16:18)

Noori Mamdani is an ardent advocate of early childhood/special education.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

3 thoughts

  1. Beautifully written……a complete illustration of spring that we have seen in our past years,and they were there somewhere in mind as a forlon memory but the poem helped me to find out those old memories which are dear to me.


  2. I thank GOD for all the beauty of this world, the flowers, colours, lakes, oceans, beaches, trees,
    everything of beauty which unfortunately not many have the time to see even while passing by
    all this beauty if only they were to see the moon’s shining light at night, the sunsets, and say thanks to the creator of all this beauty.


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