Aleem and Famida Virani – Living like 007

Aleem and Famida Virani - Living like 007Living like 007 – Sleek and classy, with a twist of lime. BY SCOTT MCKEEN, EDMONTON JOURNAL

Man, this is a great house.

Not just because of the 120-inch projection TV in the theatre room, with its two rows of black-leather recliners.

Not just because of the exercise room — with its own bathroom and shower — across from the master bedroom. Not even because of the master bedroom’s ensuite, with palatial, two-door steam shower and stately soaker tub.

No, it’s because there’s just something so Bond-esque about the urbane orderliness to the place — that is, if 007 were married, with children and passionate about lime green.

Meet Aleem Virani and his wife Famida, along with their too-cute-by-half daughters, six-year-old Ayanna and Rayna, three. Turns out Mrs. Bond, er, Virani was highly influential in the uber-modern interior design in the family’s 4,000-square-foot, custom home. The main floor is like a crisp black-and-white photo with painted-in accents. Vibrant lime-green art pieces, couch pillows, stovetop kettle and kitchen drip tray add pop to the background of glossy blacks and whites, dark browns and — for modesty sake, let’s say 47 — shades of grey.

Aleem was born in East Africa. His family emigrated to Vancouver and then moved to Edmonton during his childhood. He is a chartered accountant and owner of K.V. Capital, a lender to developers and homebuilders.

Famida, Toronto born and Edmonton raised, is a speech language pathologist. The couple met in university, married 10 years ago and are part of Edmonton’s small, but active and benevolent Ismaili Muslim community.

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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

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