Rahim Sajan, Curator TEDx Calgary

Rahim Sajan, Curator TEDx CalgaryTo highlight Rahim’s fundamental role in TEDxCalgary, we’ve borrowed from the TED lexicon and dubbed him our “Curator”, a term of great respect. From many conversations with interested people, it was Rahim who ultimately took the final step toward securing an event licence and who continues to lead our overall efforts as an event team. Rahim also leads our all-important programming committee.

Rahim is a community organizer, educator, adventurer and self confessed bookworm. He is a teacher in the local board, where he currently works with both teachers and students. Before this sweet gig he had other unbelievably cool jobs where he taught science, physical education, robotics, astronomy, and math. He has extensive experience working in a number of different environments and educational levels, including a 2 year stint as a teacher close to the NWT in an isolated First Nations Community, shortly after he graduated for a second time from the University of Calgary.

Read more http://tedxcalgary.ca/about-ted-tedx/our-team.

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