A Poem for Mother’s Day, by Noori Mamdani: A Selfless Journey of a Mother From a Child’s Heart

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A Poem for Mother’s Day, by Noori Mamdani

A Selfless Journey of a Mother From a Child’s Heart

God bestows a title of an angel on a woman
When she becomes a mother.
And from there begins her journey,
A selfless and nurturing journey.

A woman who is now an angel,
Has developed broad lustrous wings
That can’t be seen,
But will be felt only by her child,
In the warmth,
In the kindness,
That she will spread
Till her last breath.

Soon an angel,
Becomes a nourisher,
A protector,
A pal,
And a dutiful teacher,
For her child
Who is just born,
A cuddly newborn
Of a month and a half.

Mother’s beautiful eyes shine bright
To share the story
To the world about
the beauty,
And smartness,
Of her wonderful child
Who has now grown into a school-ager.

A nurturing mother sacrifices her sleep,
Her rest,
Her hobbies,
Her desires,
And sometimes even a portion of her bread,
To raise her child,
And to fulfill its wishes
Who has now grown into a teenager.

A devoted mother prays and asks for God’s mercy,
In every breath
To protect her child
And to grant the child success
Who has now grown into a young adult.

How could God not listen to His angel’s prayers?
Little child who came weeping,
Turns into a responsible one,
Becomes a successful one
And begins to earn bread,
And build a nest,
For its own sake,
For its own sake.

A cheerful young angel,
Has now developed fine lines of wisdom beneath her kind eyes.
Still gloriously smiling,
And enfolding her feeble wings to pray,
To pray for the responsible one,
Who was in her womb
For nine laborious months,
And came out with pain
That unspeakable pain
Only a mother could bear,
Only a mother could bear.

Motherhood and its blessings
Never fade away.
Mother’s blessings are showered
On her child
Every day.
When she is a blissful young woman,
Generous and compassionate elderly,
Or even if she is residing in the beautiful heaven.

Because a mother is the most precious gift from God,
Because a mother is the most precious gift from God.

And that is a humble depiction of a mother’s selfless journey
From a child’s heart,
From a child’s heart.

“…ye be kind to parents. Whether one

Or both of them attain

Old age in thy life,

Say not to them a word

Of contempt, nor repel them,

But address them

In terms of honour.

And, out of kindness,

Lower to them the wing

Of humility, and say:

‘My Lord! bestow on them

Thy Mercy even as they

Cherished me in childhood’ ”


Written by: Noori Mamdani
Noori Mamdani is an ardent advocate of early childhood/special education.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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