Ismaili Flag on Mount Everest

Updated with the photograph from May 19, 2013.
Updated with VOA, BBC and GeoTV reports. Links below.

Ismaili Flag at Everest Samina BaigSamina Khayal Baig is a 21 year old mountaineer from the Shimshal Valley of Gojal (upper Hunza). She created history by becoming the only Pakistani woman to climb Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. She, along with her 29 year old brother Mirza Ali, was part of a team that scaled the highest peak of the world in Nepal on Sunday.

Mirza Ali became Pakistan’s youngest male mountaineer to climb Everest. The first man from Pakistan to climb Mount Everest was Nazir Sabir from Hunza Valley.

Interview with BBC Urdu
2011 Interview with Voice of America, with documentary footage.
GeoTV Pakistan video

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President felicitates first Pakistani woman to scale Mount Everest

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29 thoughts

  1. we have already climbed mountains in the areas of spirituality,social welfare,poverty eradication,knowledge sharing and in practiclly all the fields of human endeavour and now to see a my flat flying on the top of the world makes every ismaily proud that what a numerically small jamat can achieve staying farman bardar and united am sure we will insh allah achieve many more such feasts and make not only the community but the whole world proud of us,go for it my flag


  2. this occasion has many meanings…proud to see an ismaili woman with green/red color reach Everest peak.. congratulation from Aleppo-syria

    mamoun dayoub


  3. Congratulations and lots of mumbaraki to Samina and brother Mirza.
    wow ! what an achievement to be at top of the world and waving our My Flag.
    Its something beyond our Were there is a will there is a way.Bravo.


  4. Congratulations! It certainly is one in a life time achievement.
    K2 next????????
    I have hiked to the base camps of both peaks and in my opinion K2 is also one of a kind.


  5. We are Ismailis and take pride in this, what if our generation did not attempt, atleast
    it gave birth to your generation. congratulations You make us proud.


  6. Congratulations Samina and Mirza for wonderful achievement. We Ismailis are proud of you and more proud for having our flag on the highest peak in the world. With best wishes from Tanzania Ismailis


  7. Congratulations Samina and Mirza for wonderful achievement. We Ismailis are proud of you both It great to know MY FLAG is flying HIGH


  8. Congratulations for raising the My Flag at Everest.A dream many of us Ismailis have been nurturing since our childhood. Samina & Mirza have made it come true. Let us pray for their good health and further achievements


  9. U made the history by flying the MY FLAG so high. Words really fail at this. We are proud of U. May Maula bless u with his choicest blessings. Ameen


  10. Heartiest Congratulations!
    Both of you have made all Ismailis across the world proud.
    May Allah bless you both with all the progress and achievement in your worldly and spiritual life.
    Thank you so much


  11. Congratulations ! on the great achievement, GILGIT -BILTISTAN AND HUNZA-NAGAR AND Pakistan is proud of you heroes, specially Samina Baig, stay blessed.



  12. Congratulation to you and to your brother for the historical achievement in the history of moutaineeirng in Pakistan as the two members of the same family on the summit of Mount Everest and also hoisting the Ismaili Flag with others national flags of the countries of the world.Ihope the community will organize a world trip to your and your brother to meet all the ismaili in Canada,America, and Europe


  13. Samina and Mirza congratulation for the historical achievement.
    you made us proud . with love ismailies from the sunshine state (Queensland) Australia.


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