Ismailimail is on Your Mobile Devices

As it is, Ismailimail shows up very well on all kinds of mobile devices through a browser. However, we recommend you give Flipboard a try. Flipboard is a mobile-only magazine which makes for a convenient on-the-go reading.  Here is how you can access Ismailimail on Flipboard.

1. After you add Flipboard app to your Apple or Android device, go to the search box in Flipboard and type/add the following address: (see number 1 below).

Ismailimail is on Your Mobile Devices

2. Ensure to select the name with the icon and address. See number 2 above.

You will now have Ismailimail in a beautifully presented magazine layout.

Ismailimail is on Your Mobile Devices

Note: Please ensure you type the specific Ismailimail address in the search box (see number 1 above). Please also make sure to select Ismailimail through icon/name. Any other addition will make Flipboard add crowd-sourced data which will not be directly through our website.

You may also add other websites like Simerg, Nanowisdoms, theIsmaili etc to your Flipboard. We have their specific (RSS) addresses on our blog’s sidebar (orange icon).

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

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