Farouk Noormohamed: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) – College of Fellows 2013

Farouk Noormohamed: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) - College of Fellows 2013


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5 thoughts

  1. I have known Farouk Noormohamed well from the time he was the head of Owner’s representative office at Karachi, Pakistan for H. H. THE AGA KHAN ‘S project in construction of the Hospital.
    Besides his profession I found him a very humble, dedicated , nice & cheerful human being with good qualities.
    My sincere good wishes and prayers go for his success.
    Akbarali Nagji, Phoenix, Az.


  2. What a remarkable achievement for an ismaili architect! He is first ismaili and first Muslim chosen to be a fellow of this prestigious profession in canada if my research is correct. Congratulations to Farouk for his incredible work and for serving Jamat and imam with such dedication and humility. If u have not been to a Jamatkhana he has designed you must go an experience the peace and serenity and light inside that the architecture brings to life. Well deserved Mr Noormohamed. Bravo!


  3. Heartiest congratulations and mubaraki on this well deserved honour! The jamat is eagerly looking forward to the completion and unveiling of your current project – the Richmond, B.C. jamatkhana!


  4. I was lucky to get a tour of his magnificent Ottawa Jamatkhana with Farouk as the person explaining the building. His talent is well known outside community and we ismaili should be proud of his beautiful buildings and Seva to our imam. I wish council would invite him to speak in all regions in canada as we would learn so much. Specially the youths.


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