Tajiks hope to save energy through metering – Central Asia Online

The First Public-Private Energy Sector Partnership in TajikistanExcerpt: With no oil or natural gas to speak of, Tajikistan is pushing energy conservation.

Tajikistan needs to do a better job of conserving scarce energy, Shodi Shabdolov, a member of the parliamentary committee on energy, industry, construction and communications, said. The country loses 12 billion kW of electricity annually, he said, attributing most of that loss to leakage in inefficient power lines.

As lawmakers drew up a new law on energy conservation, which took effect in September, he travelled with an energy industry delegation to a number of developed countries to see how they managed electricity, he said.

“They fully track energy conservation problems,” he said. “We hardly monitor electricity use at all. We should be automatically tracking how much a power station produces and how much it sends out.”

The planned introduction of power meters will help reduce the waste of electricity, he said, adding that Tajikistan can look to how Pamir Energy, a venture funded by the Aga Khan Foundation, set up automated monitoring of its Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast customers\’ power consumption.

Authorities are planning to introduce power consumption monitoring in Sughd Oblast and Dushanbe, he said. \”We won\’t have the sort of losses we have now\” once they\’re in place, Shabdolov said.

via Tajiks hope to save energy through metering – Central Asia Online.

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