By Ghulam Panjwani: Ismailis in China

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By Ghulam Panjwani: Ismailis in China

The following are only anecdotes of my personal travel experiences; hence the views expressed in here are my own; they do not in any way represent formal position of any Imamat Institutions. The information provided is based on what I learned from elders of the local Jamat in various villages in Xingjiang province in China, to the best of my recollections, and is subject to verification.

I am indebted to all those who guided and supported me before, during and after my many trips for making them fruitful.

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About author: Ghulam Panjwani has an extensive record of community service in several countries over a long period of time since the early 1970′s when he moved to Toronto.

He married Mumtaz in 1977 and had two boys Imran Khan (1980) and Hanif Khan (1984). Ghulam served in various Jamati Institutions, including the Ismailia Association (now ITREB), as Jamati Mukhi, and in the first Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Partnership walk in 1980s and was the National Coordinator for Silver Jubilee Project “Dar ul Hikmat”, a national stage quiz show for which he compiled a book published by the Ismailia Association for Canada in 1982.

In 1991, the family moved to the United States to join their family businesses in Dallas. In 1997, in a tragic car accident outside Dallas, they lost both their children. Since then they have worked with and support parents who have gone through similar experiences around the world; and continued with various Jamati services in the USA. Ghulam was appointed on the Council as Chairman for Youth and Sports Board.

In 1998 Ghulam was appointed by the National Council for the USA as Coordinator for project “Spark” which was a holistic approach towards poverty alleviation.

At the same time Ghulam and Mumtaz joined FOCUS International as volunteers and started traveling to Canada, Europe and Pakistan for operational reviews. In 2000 they relocated to London, UK when Ghulam was asked to take over as the Executive Officer for FOCUS Europe. He was part of the FOCUS team which was mobilized in January 2001 when there was an earthquake in Bhuj Gujrat, India.


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