Brandeis University – The Justice: Mali’s Trio da Kali highlights musical traditions

Brandeis University – The Justice: Mali's Trio da Kali highlights musical traditionsBrandeis welcomed a fresh new voice. The Aga Khan Music Initiative and MusicUnitesUS, which brought “Silk and Bamboo: Music From China,” last November, presented a more effusive group from Africa this semester, Trio da Kali.

The trio’s name in Mandinka, “Da” (“mouth”) and “Kali” (“swear”), proclaims the role of the performers to keep the rich history of Mali alive through music and song.

Students responded by saying that the piece was very personal and passionate.Lucy Durán, who also led the discussion, is an ethnomusicologist and project adviser for the Agra Khan Music Initiative in Mali, and has worked with Malian musicians for 26 years.

“Reading and media only go so far to describe the artistic tradition …When you hear the griots’ voices … it forces you to feel immediately … This immediacy is essential in an “Introduction to Music” class,  where a direct encounter with the society you are studying “makes you take it seriously.”

– Jared Redmond, Ph.D. candidate in Music Composition and Theory and teaching assistant – Brandeis University

Read more at the source The Independent Student Newspaper of Brandeis University – Trio da Kali highlights musical traditions

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