Brandeis University – The Justice: World music program expands through residency

Brandeis University - The Justice: World music program expands through residencyThe nonprofit [MusicUnitesUS] has an active partnership with the Aga Khan Music Initiative [AKMI], a group that supports musicians coming from different world music traditions, especially in the Muslim world. Rather than Westernizing or diluting the styles of the musicians, the AKMI tries to promote these musicians and equip them to deal with the challenges of the world music stage.

Prof. Judith Eissenberg (MUS) founded MusicUnitesUS shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. In the wake of those attacks, she sought to address the ensuing xenophobia by creating cultural connections at Brandeis through non-Western music. A large part of that effort has taken the shape of hosting traditional musical groups from the Muslim world at Brandeis for performances and academic lectures.

“On a really basic level, when you meet someone in person, you have a much stronger connection [than if you just learn about them in an academic setting]. When you meet them through music, you listen more deeply for what they really have to say,”

– Judith Eissenberg Brandeis University Professor and founder of MusicUnitesUS

Read more at the source The Independent Student Newspaper of Brandeis University – World music program expands through residency


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