Amaana’s 20th Anniversary Gift to Imam-e Zamaan

Ismaili Web Amaana Celebrates 20th year on the Internet.

Nowruz 2014 Marks the 20th Anniversary of

Amaana’s 20th Anniversary Gift to Imam-e ZamaanAs you can read in the About section, I started the Ismaili Web in November 1993 and established the domain in March 1994. Since then I have been writing about the work of Mowlana Hazar Imam, His Highness the Aga Khan and twenty years later, here is a collage of all the articles. What is more amazing is that while I have just created articles of the events, the Imam has lived and worked these events and this presentation is in no way the full spectrum of his activities year-round, all over the world.

This Nowruz is a special event in many ways as you can read in my article in the link above on which day multiple world and celestial events have taken place in our history. And since Amaana’s 20-year anniversary also falls this March 21, 2014, it makes me even more humbled to be able to serve God in this small way. I hope this will please Him, Ameen.

— Nina Jaffer, Webmaster

Click here to read more Amaana’s 20th Anniversary Gift to Our Imam-e Zamaan! | Ismaili Web Amaana.

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2 thoughts

  1. Congratulations! Happy 20th and looking forward to 20 more! As one of the first two, if not the first, private Ismaili website, this is a remarkable and noteworthy milestone and accomplishment for our community.

    Nina, you were the true pioneer and trailblazer among all of us on the web and we all follow in the wake and path you cleared for us. Your courage to stand fast all these years, despite the many tribulations I know you have faced, is an inspiration to us all. You epitomise, in spirit and deed, that true “spirit of adventure” Hazar Imam wishes in all of us!

    Mohib Ebrahim
    Editor and Publisher


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